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  1. Dmans

    Mic Wiring Question

    The information below may help. A DMM is your friend here. You only need to identify 3 wires on your Cobra "Coffin" microphone. The link is where the info came from. https://qsl.net/g4wpw/date.html 73 David
  2. Dmans

    Looking for an 18.925 crystal for the PLL Board on a Sonar FS-2340

    Dan, This would be a good place to try. Ken has more than listed on his web page. A phone call is probably best as Ken does not e-mail. Good Luck. 73 David
  3. Dmans

    FIREBIRD 500 / KICKER 500

    Not mine but has been on Craigslist for a good while. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/ele/d/rock-hill-cb-radio-equipment-for-sale/7733681305.html 73 David
  4. Dmans

    epay...radio costs

    Where did the "True" auctions go? Most everything I see now is listed with a "Buy it Now" price-or at the very least, a "Starting" price that is more than the item is worth. 73 David
  5. Dmans

    SSB Call Sign?

    MS481 as that was the tail number of the Helicopter I was assigned to as a Crew Chief in the USMC. CH-53A model 1980-1986. 73 David
  6. Dmans

    Looking for info for a Navaho Pro Niner CB radio...

    This is the image of the schematic printed inside the top cover of my TRC Pro Niner. I have the original mike socket from the radio with the wires attached to the socket. The pin numbers on the socket are difficult to decipher but here is what I can see: Pin 1- is the microphone Shield tied to...
  7. Dmans

    TRC-449 repair

    Original Service manual and schematics here. Cause I love a good mystery (& 858 radios). Start the popcorn please. I will watch from my front row seat! 73 David
  8. Dmans

    Astatic AST878DM..

    Try this. No color code for the wiring but might get you close. Good Luck. 73 David
  9. Dmans

    JCPenney 6248 factory service manual

    https://www.worldwidedx.com/forums/cb-radio-service-manuals.196/ Maybe here^ 73 David
  10. Dmans

    Old D-104 Base Mic help

    Use one of these for a cheap and easy fix. 73 David
  11. Dmans

    Hy gain ll 40 ch lowers mod

    See page 10 of the attached. Thanks to Klondike Mike for scanning in these a couple years ago. 73 David
  12. Dmans

    Anyone here REALLY know Texas Stars?

    They are Steve. I set it to 80 watts max and corrected/repaired a coax switch that I believe caused the issue initially. I haven't had much time to play radio lately. Wife and I have been pretty busy with my health and her mothers health. I tripped across those 2-2879's I pulled from the...
  13. Dmans

    Anyone here REALLY know Texas Stars?

    Ranch55 is the real deal. You won't find a nicer, more honest guy to deal with! Happy New Years Steve and Ronda!! 73 David
  14. Dmans

    Alternative uses for CB items?

    Agreed. All 6 of them look that way on the inside as well. The reason it turned into a counterweight for a lamp. 73 David
  15. Dmans

    Chip Quik low mp solder for chip removal?

    brandon7681, I wasn't saying you were promoting anything but if you were I would not take offense to it. I found it clever that you were talking about "low mp solder" and then the comment: show me all the other cool soldering stuff. Maybe not realized at the time but a "funny" none the less...
  16. Dmans

    Alternative uses for CB items?

    I did build this radio lamp after a customer gave me a box full of Icom BB radios he didn’t want/need anymore. It is quite handy! 73 David
  17. Dmans

    Chip Quik low mp solder for chip removal?

    I see what you did there!:giggle:
  18. Dmans

    Merry Christmas WDX Brothers

    Merry Christmas and 73 to all! David
  19. Dmans

    Siltronix La- 650 air variable cap ?

    The attached manual may help. I don't think there is much difference between the LA-600 and LA-650. 73 David
  20. Dmans

    HUGE solar flare yesterday X2.8 !! Radio blackouts expected

    Codeman, I came into the possession of the 139 many years ago. It was re-capped about 3 years ago. Then the driver and finals went south and the power supply took a dump. It is all stock except for the extra channels on the CB/PA switch and the PA jack on the rear converted to a foot key jack...