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  1. Tucker442


    Out of all the stock mics that I have used or owned the handheld mic for the Yaesu 101 radio is fantastic. Everybody tells me that the audio is great.
  2. Tucker442

    Electret Desk Mic for Anytone

    There is a way to make an adapter from the plug-in RJ-45 to a four pin Cobra, Uniden configuration. I’ve been using a Turner +3 desk Mike, the gray one with my Antone Radio. You would need to cannibalize a microphone that will plug into the Antone, you need to find the audio wire, the ground and...
  3. Tucker442

    How many radios do you run?

    Funny I use the Lafayette Range Boost desk mic, has to be made by Turner, same body as the +3 but 6 wire and black
  4. Tucker442

    How many radios do you run?

    I usually keep something new all the time, but my favorite radio is my Lafayette SSB – 140. The receive is fantastic and it’s nice and quiet as far as static or noise. Yaesu seems to be my 10 m Radio of choice.
  5. Tucker442

    6-meter Magic Band question

    Thank you that’s a good analogy about how it works. I always wondered.
  6. Tucker442

    Uniden Washington Basket Case Fun Facts

    I’m sorry I really didn’t think or should I say I would be embarrassed to even let it get close to somebody. I was emptying out an abandoned house and it was in the basement on a workbench. Everything in the house you couldn’t touch without my rubber gloves sticking to it. I’ve seen a lot of...
  7. Tucker442

    Uniden Washington Basket Case Fun Facts

    I got a 142 cobra like that I mean it smelled like it was right in the tobacco factory. It had nicotine all over it. It was nasty. I plugged it in and it worked. The power was a little low, but it worked so I got a Sams. Photo fact out and started to go through it and as I did, the power slowly...
  8. Tucker442

    How many radios do you run?

    I have two shelving units like the kind you’re buying Sam’s Club. I guess they’re about 3 foot across 4 feet high with four shelves on each one. There’s radios on six of those eight shelves and the other two are full of microphones desk Mike and hand mikes. I can’t list them all I’ll be here...
  9. Tucker442

    Yaesu ft897

    Just make sure when you solder across those points that you have a very steady hand and don’t overdo it
  10. Tucker442

    Anytone at-5555 PLUS

    There are a lot more than two versions, I have the 5555 version six. The 5555N is a different Radio. I’ve had my 5555 version six in my truck per over 10 years and haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever. I live in the northeast and drive my truck at least once a day so it gets used pretty...
  11. Tucker442

    The old FCC issued cb call signs

    KSU 6347 Whale in Jamesburg NJ 73’s my fellow radio friends. When I was stationed in Dover Delaware, there used to be a guy come through town. His handle was the pantyhose bandit I thought that was the funniest one.
  12. Tucker442

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Well, I guess that depends on how rural you are here on the East Coast just south of New York City there’s Europe, Texas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Florida. Very easy to talk Skip to.
  13. Tucker442

    How many radios do you run?

    You’re gonna think this is weird I have a new Yaesu 710, I have an FT101EX that I use, I keep a Lafayette SSB 140 underneath the rest of my radios just in case I get a visit I can say I use that for an 11 m band. I also have a 101ZD that I like a lot but it seems the 101EX receives better, and I...
  14. Tucker442

    Eagle Tomahawk Export 10 Meter Radio

    I don’t think that was what it was called but yes, Copper did have their own version and it was a regular 5 to 8 watt output radio. It worked OK it just had no output worth’s damn. You didn’t have to worry about blowing up an amplifier because it didn’t have enough output to hurt it.
  15. Tucker442

    Eagle Tomahawk Export 10 Meter Radio

    It’s a lot like a Magnum, 257, same kind of frequency coverage two of the three have the same display. I just don’t think the output is anywhere near what the Magnum Radio’s but it’s cool looking and it’s a base station. If you have one or buy one, check the power supply, there’s something in...
  16. Tucker442

    Texas Star DX350 - SSB delay causing loss in power output

    I’m sure it has a lot to do with input also. I don’t think 25 W on sideband would hurt this amp at all.. A.m. that’s a different story.
  17. Tucker442

    And...... another one! RCI X9(HP)

    I had a 6900 was no better than a Galaxy with side band drifting. The 2950’s were a lot better radio by a long shot. Just my experience
  18. Tucker442

    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    Guess wind in Italy is minimal
  19. Tucker442

    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    So you buy what is supposed to be a great antenna but you have to sleeve it? Am I missing something?
  20. Tucker442

    Just ordered the Sirio 2016. Good move or not?

    An old guy around here where I live, used to say you could talk around the world on 10 W, you just need a good antenna, really good coax, and when the propagation is correct, you can talk anywhere. I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times and I heard it also but the antenna and the coax will work very...