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  1. 2FB327

    Help with a philly pc76xl

    Yes, I have some parts radio and will start there.
  2. 2FB327

    Help with a philly pc76xl

    That's what's frustrating, I checked the alignment according to the manual and have the pattern on the scope on channel 19 and it changes with L22 and it's there on channel 1 and 40. With the voltmeter on R88 I have the 3.2V and it changes with L19.
  3. 2FB327

    Help with a philly pc76xl

    I was given this radio and have no history. It looks to be a virgin, limiter intact, wax on cans, no spread coils. On RX, when hooked to the generator and set on channel 19, the tone is audible on 18 and weak on 17. On TX, it has carrier and mod from channel 1 thru 17 then nothing. What would be...
  4. 2FB327

    Walcott CB shop Davenport Iowa

    Stan is scary, I probably won't be able to sleep for days.
  5. 2FB327

    How to unhack a General Lee HP40

    Thanks, I'm going to get after it now.
  6. 2FB327

    How to unhack a General Lee HP40

    Thanks Joe Dirt. I printed what I could find on cb tricks to try to find someplace to start as far as the 3600 board but I'm still not sure which set up to use as far as the alignment. Let alone the hacks, what ever he did is in the mod circuit, I'll check for the resistor/diode at R228, put in...
  7. 2FB327

    How to unhack a General Lee HP40

    Thanks, yes they were spread. So is TR 32 the modulation limiter? I have the correct transistor and will install it and check and correct at R 228. I have picked up a spectrum analyzer and I am learning how to use it, but I can see this thing is dirty. Rob, is there a tutorial on how to set 2nd...
  8. 2FB327

    How to unhack a General Lee HP40

    That's right, how to unhack a nice radio. It has the Ranger 360015c board in it, I searched cb tricks and found some similar ranger boards and set the bias down, the radio was so hot you couldn't touch it, and set the low and high powrer carrier down. On the scope the when you add modulation it...
  9. 2FB327

    Parts for cobra 29 ltd classic

    I got stacks of these, private message me and I'll send you one..
  10. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 no modulation

    Thanks. I do enjoy fixing things. It's the Frankinsteen in me.
  11. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 RX Problem making an old man go nuts!

    I don't know if this will help you. Something I found. The Receiver This looks so complicated. And over whelm the new person trying to read the schematic. So lets block this together to make it a bit easier. Let’s get to know what is happening in the AM receiver of this Cobra 29. Go here...
  12. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 no modulation

    Swapped and tested mic's, tested ok. Problem fixed, the radio must have had a channel kit or echo? in it. I found the yellow wire from the center of the dynamike to w-32 came apart at the heat shrink where they had a splice. Now I have a test radio to test circuits on the bench.
  13. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 no modulation

    That's not it, I pulled and tested a bunch of caps in that area, still nothing. Where does the audio originate? It doesn't make sense, the noise and voltage is there at the audio chip? Where to start?
  14. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 no modulation

    Will do and I'll check the voltages in the diagram.
  15. 2FB327

    Cobra 29 no modulation

    Next in the stack of radios from the unknown. Is a 1998 cobra 29 with a KEPL-255 board. The radio receives and it has a 5 watt carrier but no mod. I went thru with my FC and have the frequency from the mic pins to the so 239 but no mod with good known mic's. If I touch pin 4 of the audio chip I...
  16. 2FB327

    Alignment Tools

    Your last question, first. Yes. It would be radio/jumper/swr meter/coax to antenna to set your swr. Setting Carrier/dead key on your bench would be radio/coax/wattmeter/coax/ dummy load. The dummy load is used in place of an antenna, that way you won't disturb people on that channel and...
  17. 2FB327

    tube hackers

    The newest thing for people who don't have a life, is to hack and eliminate account on the $tube. Three accounts with thousands of subscribers and hundreds of videos gone this morning. The tube was contacted and awaiting a reply. It may have been done thru FB.
  18. 2FB327

    3600 board mod

    I pulled off the cover and this is what I found, does anybody have an idea what this person was trying to do? He took the time to put hear shrink on it and never heated it.
  19. 2FB327

    Info on the EPT 360015C board

    Thanks Nomadradio.
  20. 2FB327

    Radio Repair/Cobra 29LTD/ dead radio

    None taken and thanks again, it's a donated radio and it will be a good learning experience down the road.