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    Member List & Activity Question

    I have also been here since it was Chargers place (rip) not quite as active but still check in from time to time.
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    Who has been here longest?

    Buzzbros, Man I always wondered what happened to him, Phil 501 and fasteddy man its been a while. another that left was hd7 something. Been awhile.
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    Switch, They have to keep the old people stuff up on the main floor, just to many steps for them to climb ;) Might have a heart attack.
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    Charger 383 Dean

    He Will Be Missed I remember Deano very well. I have also bought a few things from him and had some great dx two ways with him. We Lost a good man. RIP my brother. Rest in Peace...
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    your thoughts on the new RCI 2995.

    KM, I used a turner +3, But I here a 575 sounds great on them to.
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    Posting Images

    I use the image resizer from Microsoft. And use Image shack for hosting.
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    Heres to hopeing everyone has a happy and safe Christmas
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    I support CB Tricks.com

    Love mine. And I echo what Audio said.
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    CBS 1000's are back

    Hey stoner, just wondering how they tune? Also let me know how everything else is working. Thanks, Jim
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    Hey yall.

    Hey Bobby, Glad to see all is ok. I also echo congrats on the new baby.
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    CBS 1000's are back

    Yes it is fcc approved. Stonerguy, these units were made in korea, i was wondering if the old cbs 1000 were made there also. Sounds like a 2 year warranty should come standard instead on a 1 yr.
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    CBS 1000's are back

    Made in Korea with a 1 year warranty
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    Good deal. Them old pc's make good power supplies.
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    Hey 22,You using the pc for a power supply
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    Great radios I just sold my stryker. Not because it was a bad radio, It was a great radio, great reports everywhere I went. I only sold it cause I am cleanng a few radios out. The only complaint I had was them blue lights were bright at night but that was it. All around fantastic radio.
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    Hand Held CB's

    SO-239 (UHF) to BNC PSD, I use this adapter with my cobra HH45WXST handheld on the motorcycle and it works gets out pretty good. My antenna is a wilson trucker 2k
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    Wolf Radio/ Mr Coily Base....???

    Keep us posted. I would like to know if he goes back into production on these.
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    Wolf Radio/ Mr Coily Base....???

    995, I have tried to get one of wolfs but I have made a post on one of these threads with the last email I got from on the .64 saying he was stopping production for a while.
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    Stryker 440 HP

    Whats up bro. Still thanking you for the help you gave me way back when. I didnt think of that mic DTB Ill have to try that.
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    Knock off Base antennas

    Right back at ya bro. Miss hearing you on the radio. Alot has happened since I have rachet jawwed with you last but working on the new radio room :) I have never had an astrobeam but I have heard that they great back door .