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  1. becareless06

    nice clean bird 43 meter.

    i have a nice clean bird 43 meter forsale there is a couple of nicks in the paint but overall its in good shape. dose not come with any elements. i have those listed on my ebay becareless06 they are the higher frequencys not cb . price is 170 shipped in lower 48 might trade for somthing of...
  2. becareless06

    Galaxy DX-959 Mosfet version mods

    there tons of mods for the mosfet verson of the 959 thats currently what im running i have the shotkey reciever mod, channel mod, turbo echo, had all lights upgraded, andchanged to custom color.. you can also add dual mosfet finals, although to some ppl its not worth it i had a tech do mine...
  3. becareless06

    Alternator in big truck

    thats what im doing geting a 8 pill.. and a 2 pill to drive it im buyin a 250amp alt. and dozer battery to make sure i got enough juice lol..
  4. becareless06

    Alternator in big truck

    well a sraight 8 pull around 150 amps .. and a 12 pill pulls 215 well thats what fat boys site says so if this alt going to be only the amp ?
  5. becareless06

    eBay resolution

    Yea i cant stand ebay somtimes my self.. i sell on there here as of lately. And i cant even get the money ppl win the auction and its been 2 days no funds or no email stating whats gooin on ur damn sellin all this stuff is going to be more headache then i thought to get me a 8 pill amp
  6. becareless06

    2pill 2sc2879 amp build

    Yea. Atleast 60 watt
  7. becareless06

    2pill 2sc2879 amp build

    lookin good so far ill be tuned in to see how it turns out
  8. becareless06

    cobra 50ltd 40 ch am/fm cassette

    or will trade for good watt meter!!
  9. becareless06

    looking to trade .. trade dx 500 and cash for 8pillor 10pill

    i have a texas star dx 500 works great im just looking for more power just had powerwires upgraded blue meter led new lense on meter . let me knoe if anyone is looking to downgrade in power thanks russ
  10. becareless06

    cobra 29 questions.

    if u dont want to sell it ive got a freind at roadstar communications that can get the 29 in shape for you
  11. becareless06

    cobra 50ltd 40 ch am/fm cassette

    i have forsale a cobra 50 ltd its 40ch cb am/fm cassette built in one package great for someone looking to restore a muscle car or nice old truck it works great asking price is 60.00 plus shiping any questions just ask thanks russ...
  12. becareless06

    What Is Your Handle # & Location

    bearclaw, new martinsville wv
  13. becareless06

    Painted Antenna

    walmart sells the flex seal stuff thats been on tv thats where i got mine
  14. becareless06

    fatboy trucker antenna

    thanks alot. for the help hope its a good antenna
  15. becareless06

    fatboy trucker antenna

    bump bump.. no one every herd of them either?
  16. becareless06

    fatboy trucker antenna

    I just bought a fatboy trucker antenna off ebay without stinger i can only find out it needs a 4foot whip which i think i have are these good antenas can find much info on the net about them whats the power ratings on somthing like this
  17. becareless06

    need some help before i pullmy hair out!!

    Same power cord runing hd wire from battery. Ive swaped out jumpers. Didnt really help grounds are good .. i think it is the antenna tuning from the antron 99 vs the moble flatt coil browning antenna ..
  18. becareless06

    need some help before i pullmy hair out!!

    i have a galaxy 959 that i have just got and love my issue is on my dosy 4002 meter i have a antron 99 and a 6amp powersupply the radio on low dose 2 wats and swing 20-25 watts BUT in my truck i can only get my truck i can barely get my metter to swing at all same metter swr is good grounds...