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  1. DoctorAudio

    Building a Capacitor Discharge Stick…Chicken Stick…Jesus Stick

    So what you are saying is to rely on the interlock. Got it!
  2. DoctorAudio

    Frozen cores in transformer

    On many IF transformers the threaded hole goes clear through. When this is the case you can remove the transformer from the PC board and you will see the adjustment slot on the bottom end of the core. 9 times out of 10 the bottom end of the core isn't cracked and you will be able to run the core...
  3. DoctorAudio

    Building a Capacitor Discharge Stick…Chicken Stick…Jesus Stick

    I've seen smaller low ohm wirewounds explode on a 3000 volt supply. I'd recommend making your Jesus stick more robust. I still use the one I made in the late 80's. It's constructed with a 47K - 225W Dale wirewound resistor. Low enough ohms to discharge fairly quickly yet high enough ohms to keep...
  4. DoctorAudio

    Cobra 25LTD Classic Schematic & Wiring

    Here is a schematic I had sitting on an external drive
  5. DoctorAudio

    Output Network Calculator

    Thank you @brandon7861 for unlocking the secrets of Simsmith and taking the time to explain some of what can be done with this awesome program. This thoughtful tutorial and calculator will help many to understand output networks. Much appreciated!
  6. DoctorAudio

    Looking for the Tube layout for a Realistic TRC-6 CB Base Station

    Does it look like the 1964 model TRC-5? It may be similar like a late-year revision.
  7. DoctorAudio

    Cobra 2000 L38

    Brandon: I believe that's what R178 (10K 1/2 watt) in parallel with the trap on the original 148 is for, to compensate for the TVI trap. (R414 on the 2000). On all of the newer front mic 148's, C141 is changed to 47pf and the 10K is omitted.
  8. DoctorAudio

    Not interested in the gate but Cobra 2000 is nicely done.

    Speaking on public airwaves with a radio is not a private conversation.
  9. DoctorAudio

    Pearce Simpson Guardian audio

    Change C63 on the cathode of V-9B from a .1uF to a .22uF - 50V (or higher). That will raise the gain of the mic amp 10-15% with the added bonus of fattening up the tone a little. To get a little more gain without changing the tone at all, change R62 from a 47K to a 68K. This change will raise...
  10. DoctorAudio


    Thanks @brandon7861 , I finally got it. The combination of adblocker and Noscript was hiding the Google content. Thanks a million!
  11. DoctorAudio


    @brandon7861 Appreciate the files for the Cgi-bin folder, I pasted the html files in the folder on my hardrive and it opens from the index page perfectly. Could you post up a zip of the contents of the datasheets folder as well?
  12. DoctorAudio

    Courier Gladiator 40

    The problem with the Gladiator PLL40 is there was never a SAMS made for it and the schematic that came with a new radio was actually the schematic for a Spartan PLL40. The SAMS 290 for the Centurion PLL40 base station is the best approximation to use for the Gladiator PLL40.
  13. DoctorAudio

    Dentron Clipperton L

    I've worked on a few dozen Clippertons over the years and never seen one like that. You have a rare one. Most have been untuned and 3 had that board in my previous post.
  14. DoctorAudio

    Dentron Clipperton L

    @314Audioman Good eye. I had a pair of 15" Mohawks in my car in 1992. Powered them with a modified Unic RV-3003 that I re-wrapped the secondary of the switching toroid for 11 more += volts on the rails while also beefing up the rail caps. It actually reached the advertised 300 watts mono after...
  15. DoctorAudio

    Dentron Clipperton L

    @nomadradio , here is where they squeezed it in: As you can see the amp comes with no relay or tuned circuit for 10 meters but it does come with the info (via the schematic) of what values to use.
  16. DoctorAudio

    Dentron Clipperton L

    Found a JPG of the input circuit:
  17. DoctorAudio

    Dentron Clipperton L

    A friend of mine got one in a trade with the manual and it did have the input circuit. I knew I should have scanned it!...
  18. DoctorAudio

    Realistic TRC-453 no PA audio and no modualtion in transmit mode

    You can use a dynamic stock mic on any Radio Shack radio but the condenser stock mic only works on a few of the newest models. (Like that one you pictured)
  19. DoctorAudio

    Realistic TRC-453 no PA audio and no modualtion in transmit mode

    That condenser stock mic will only work on a radio that has phantom power voltage on the mic audio pin. The 453 doesn't have that voltage. You need the dynamic RS stock mic. (Or any other working mic)