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    Any FCC busts for DXing?

    K9GAS, Believe me; the hospitals are not concerned with interfering with the patient's sleep...
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    Newbie intro and uniden

    One more thing to check... Is the External speaker switch set to cb or ext. speaker?
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    Imax 2000 and solar panels..

    It is mounted on end of house at peak.. Not directly above but mast will be within a few feet of the solar frame..
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    Imax 2000 and solar panels..

    Does anyone know if solar panels "properly installed" on my roof will affect my imax 2000 antenna? Panels will be approximately 17 feet high and the bottom of the imax is 40 feet from the ground.. Thanks!
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    Bad Wreck = New Install

    I don't understand... Why would you cut 1/4" off a rod that is 6" long instead of taking bolt cutters to the whip itself???
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    Uniden 980 SSB

    Found the Uniden 980 ssb at Target.com for $135.99 free shipping... Uniden Bearcat 40 Channel CB Radio - Black (BEAR... : Target
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    Based on your "opinion"...

    Found an electric supply store local and I'll be on the air soon!!! Thanks to all for the "help"!!! Wire Weasel, diameter of mast is 1/8" larger than guy ring...
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    Based on your "opinion"...

    m42duster, Thanks for the quick reply; not a fabricator so hadn't though of that... I will ask in the mobile radio local for ideas, help and see what happens... By the way, Thank you for your service to our Country.
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    Based on your "opinion"...

    Based on other posters' opinions, I bought 2-21' chain link top rail in the 1 3/8" diameter size. So now I can't find a guywire collar/ring thingie to attach guywires... The only ones I see on the internet are for 1 1/4" diameter mast... HELP! I want to get this up and running! Thanks...
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    Opinion on Copper.com's "expand, align and tune"

    Where's Sparky... Ah, sorry to burst your bubble BammBamm but Al and Sparky's have disappeared... Sparkys CB Shack Forum • View topic - What happened to Sparky?
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    imax 2000 with or without?

    Imax 2000 without! Thanks for all the help; I have decided to put it up without the ground plane. I didn't even consider the wind loading! 73's to all!
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    imax 2000 with or without?

    Ok, Once again I'm asking for your knowledge. I'm putting up an Imax 2000 soon as the weather is nice and want your opinion on using the GPK ground plane with this antenna PROS and CONS... I want to talk local AND maybe a little skip but with legal power. The top of the antenna will be about...
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    Which 11 meter dipole antenna???

    No Handle, How did the "Dr-Dipole" antenna work out for you? What type radio are you using it with? Saw it listed and am interested if it works okay... rockymount622 lsb38
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    How much should this cost???

    What the heck am I missing here fellas??? I just don't understand the price; and 9 people have bought them!!!New 102" inch Whip CB Ham Antenna KA52 Heavy Duty Barrel Spring | eBay
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    Imax 2000 in a pine tree...

    Thanks M42Duster... How do you tell if it's good quality; by price?
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    Imax 2000 in a pine tree...

    I got an Imax 2000 I want to put in a tall pine tree and need about 100ft of coax for CB use with just a peak and tune on the radio (Galaxy 2547). Which coax would you recommend? Thanks to all who reply...
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    Which 11 meter dipole antenna???

    11 meter dipole... Thanks to all for the helpful advice! I have an imax 2000 and I think you have talked me into building the dipole myself!
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    Grounding a Base Antenna

    Grounding Base Antenna... Thank You Captain Kilowatt! I've been off the radio since the early 70's and used one on several trips up and down I95 moving to N. C. from Pa. after my retirement and I guess I just caught the bug again... Anyway thanks for the help; hopefully I will get it...
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    Galaxy DX 979 YES or NO???

    I'm just a newbie on here but I believe the results from people in different locations using different antennas will not give you the answers you are seeking... I have a cobra 148 (Chinese) in a Country Cadillac=Dodge Ram with just a mag mount Wilson 5000. It gets out good and receives...
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    Which 11 meter dipole antenna???

    Which of the 11 meter dipole antennas on Ebay would you recommend if any?? (I'm not using any "extra power" it will be used with a galaxy 2547. Thanks in Advance!!!