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    Beginner APRS questions

    One county I work in only has 1 cell tower in the whole county. I'm not sure how many are in some of the adjoining counties. We're pretty close to the NARO in Greenbank, WV so they tend to limit what the cell companies can put up. Some areas I work in I've seen guys get a cell signal with a...
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    Beginner APRS questions

    I often work where cell coverage doesn't exist. My wife got her ham license so she can reach when during the day. This requires us both listening to whatever traffic is on the repeater for hours all day long. I've never been interested in APRS but I recently learned you can send messages thru...
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    70cm simplex freq

    There's no need to buy more radios and change bands just so someone can tell you what frequency to be on. The beauty of 70cm is that it's a rather large band with fewer users, that is, less crowded than 2m. My wife and I use 70cm simplex a lot. I also use it as a link to my cross-band repeater...
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    WTB: Yaesu FBA-14 AA case

    I have a Yaesu FT-11 and I would like to buy the AA case for it. It is Yaesu part number FBA-11. If anyone has one they'd like to part with please let me know. Thanks,
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    Computer programming an FT-7800

    G4HFQ does in fact allow for programming the hyper memories. I guess I'll have to go ahead and spend the $15. OR, program everything by the front panel. Is used to do that all the time but now with 100's of memories and other settings the computer makes so much more sense. Since my wife got her...
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    Kenwood TM-V71A

    Full power for 3 minutes is probably not a good idea but shouldn't hurt a properly designed radio. I have 3 different Icom radios that, in cross band, sometimes transmit on low power for an hour or more when some guys get to rag chewing on the repeater. They're all about 20 years old and the...
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    Kenwood TM-V71A

    Although in general I've had terrible experiences with Kenwood products I've looked long and hard at this radio. I really like the specs. and design except for it's cross band repeat and ID features. I use cross band repeat a lot so that's a big deal. In cross band mode there is a 3 minute time...
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    NEW HAM needs rig advice.

    I think the Kenwood 281 only has 2 power settings, the lowest being about 25 watts. Where I live 5 watts or at the most 10 is plenty for most repeater work. I wouldn't like to have to run 25 all the time. My experience with Kenwood products has been terrible. I know lots of people like them but...
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    Need to hide antennas

    You said the landlord doesn't want any antennas. It's his house, not yours. Therefore, you should abide by his wishes. I don't know why a ham would rent a house where the landlord didn't want antennas. I'd have found a different place. If he's told you no antennas then to put up anything in HIS...
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    Static / Noise on VHF Radio

    Pulling on the ant. cable while receiving isn't a very good test of the connection. Is this also a marine antenna? The noise could be coming form lots of things. I would suspect your power wiring which should be connected directly to the battery. You might try some ferrite chokes on the power...
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    Computer programming an FT-7800

    This 7800 is my first computer programmable radio. I'm using the CHIRP software. I'm less than impressed but the price was right. There doesn't seem to be any way to program the hyper memories thru the software. Is this just an issue with the CHIRP software and another brand would work (RT...
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    Kenwood tm241a issues

    The single tone your hearing, is it possible the 1,750 Hz tone burst? Unless you're in Europe I'd turn that off. This is the American version of the radio, right? I bought a TM-241A brand new back in 1993 for $300. Everyone told me how great a price that was. The radio had a button that always...
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    locked band repeat

    Wow dude! I don't know what to say. I have a Kenwood TS-2000 sitting on my desk with the exact same control features as your Kenwood including "locked band repeat". I have used it. I do know how it works. However, anyone who spend 3 paragraphs telling me not to offer advice when they asked...
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    locked band repeat

    You can't turn that radio into a GMRS repeater if that's what you're asking. It will act as a CROSS-BAND repeater only; that means the input is on 70cm and the output is on 2M or vice versa. Kenwood uses the term "locked band" and what ever their other term is to describe cross-band repeat going...
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    I had a CB in my vehicle from the day I turned 16 until about 2 years ago. (Not quite 20 years.) I was a trucker for a while but often turned the CB off because all I heard was cussing, fighting, and non-sense. In the last couple of years I've quit speeding and mostly just run the speed limit...
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    Kenwood TS2000

    Our club had a TS-2000 donated to us by a memeber. When we received it there was no output on any band except 70cm. So, it went to Kenwood for repair. About a year later the "multi" knob on the right side of the radio went haywire. Off to Kenwood again for repair. About 6 months after that the...
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    Questions and advice

    If your budget is tight don't forget about used gear. Hamfests, Ebay, local hams, swap nets, ham radio websites, etc. That Kenwood may be a good rig, I don't know. I've had nothing but disasters from Kenwood. I would get your antenna as high as you can and use the best, low loss coax you can.
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    Business band 1/4 wave better than Larson?

    I recently put a 2m/70 cm mobile in the wife's car. The only antenna I had laying around is an NMO mount 1/4 wave cut for the business band. It's about 17.5 inches long with no coil or anything. I figured it might work okay for 2M. It turns out is has a good SWR on 2M and a good SWR on 70cm...
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    Which short mobile 2m/70cm antenna?

    I need to put a 2m/70cm antenna on the wife's car. It needs to be short and I already have an NMO mount. I'm looking a the Comet SBB-2NMO but it get's rather poor reviews. The SBB-1NMO is flexible. I don't know if that's a good idea or not. I want it to stay vertical at interstate speeds. The...
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    New radio for a new user

    First of all, I would look at used gear for your first radio. It will save you money, especially if you aren't sure you will get into the hobby. There's less money lost when you sell it. You only mentioned VHF/UHF rigs. Are you interested in listening to world wide communication on HF? An HT...