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    I need Multimeter Opinion

    I have the AMES DM1010 Auto Range Multimeter by Harbor Freight and it works great. It is a repackaged UNI-T UT61C meter minus the RS232 Interface. In fact all the Harbor Freight Multimeters are repackaged UNI-T meters.
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    Very confused over this manual tuner

    The Balun is 4:1 and is designed to transform 200 ohms to 50 ohms. To do this the parallel wire windings on the cores are designed to be 100 ohms. One side is wired in series so that 100 ohms and 100 ohms = 200 ohms. The other side is wired in parallel so that 100 ohms/2 = 50 ohms. Why is...
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    Hy-Gain VB-214FM Build Question

    I have several Hy-Gain beams with that 4:1 coaxial balun taped to the boom like in the photo, and never had any problem with tuning. These were the old Hy-Gain antennas made in Lincoln, NE, so I hope they perform the same. Have fun be it SSB or FM, those Hy-Gain beams work great. 73, Mike
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    Coax loss

    GOE, 23 Watts = +43.6173 dBm Connector Loss = -0.1 dB 50 ft BuryFlex = -1.4 dB Connector Loss = -0.1 dB Total Gain = 43.6173 dBm Total Loss = -1.6 dB ERP = 43.6173 – 1.6 = 42.0173 dBm = 15.9121 Watts 13 Watts / 15.9121 Watts = 0.816988 100 x .816988 = 81.6988 % 100% – 81.6988% = 18.3012%...
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    Attic Antenna

    828, There is nothing wrong with your Bazooka Antenna. The antenna is designed so the outer braid connects to the coax like a conventional dipole, and the ends are connected to the center conductor, thus there is a short DC circuit. Just google a Bazooka antenna and look for an image/picture...
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    MFJ Moxon

    I have built a 10 Meter Moxon that is also adjustable to work on 11 Meters. Called the SE-10MB, it uses 5/8" and 1/2" aluminum tubing, and has enough strength to keep a horizontal position without the need for any bracing. I have recently modified it to use a SO-239 connector rather than a...
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    Alinco DM-430T 30 Amp Power Supply

    I have an Alinco DM-330MV 30A switching supply that has been working for 10 years without fail. No hash, no birdies; just good clean DC at 13.8V. Used it for the IC-7000 at first, and now the FTDX3000. People that had problems with noisy switching power supplies usually use torrids on the...
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    Dipole Beam Antenna

    Why not go to DX Engineering and build it from aluminum tubing? No sagging and it will not rust like conduit will in a while, plus it will weight a lot less.
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    First signal generator

    The least expensive unit I can think of is the Unit made by SeedStudio under the RF Explorer Line. It covers 24 MHz to 6 GHz. Amazon sells them. It has 8 different RF levels from -3 dBm (1 mw) to -39 dBm (0.125 uw). You may find one in your price range on the used market.
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    Finally upgraded ....

    Congratulations! Hope to hear you on the air.
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    Baluns, baluns, baluns

    As additional info: The voltage balun is good for a balanced load such as a dipole, whereas the current balun can be used for either balanced or unbalanced applications. A 4:1 or 6:1 current balun is best used for an Off-Center-Fed-Dipole (OCFD) antenna, depending on the antennas height. The...
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    horizontal vs sloped ground elements on a vertical ?

    Having the radials 90 degrees from the vertical yields about 36 ohms feedpoint impedances, whereas sloping the radials at a 45 degree downward angle produces a feedpoint impedance closer to 50 ohms.
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    10 meter radio listening to interesting frequencies?

    To see what is happening on the bands go to www.dxmaps.com to see real-time propagation conditions. This will give you a good idea where the band(s) is/are open and available to/from. Mike, KC9Q
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    SWR Meter Poll

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. LP100a for 160 to 6 meter, and SX-400 for 2 meters and UHF
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    Best way to feed off-center fed dipole?

    Feed the OCF with a 4:1 Current Balun made using two cores. This is made by winding two ferrite cores with 100 ohm, 1:1 windings. Wire one side in parallel (100/100 = 50), and the other side in series (100 + 100 = 200). This is the best balun choice to reduce Common Mode Current (CMC) from...
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    27.735 center freq. to get 10 & 11m??

    No tuner and the desire to work a very wide bandwidth: This looks like a job for a cage dipole. Anything else will probably give good results in the 27 MHz range or in the 28 MHz range. The cage dipole is a design that provides wide bandwidth on 80/75 Meters, so it would just follow that it...
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    Is it time??

    Works for me!
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    Is it time??

    How about 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters? I don't think contests are used on the WARC bands. Mike, KC9Q
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    How do you PING yourself?

    It's called a reverse beacon. It is a method to see where your signal is being heard, but it is limited to CW, and some digital forms of communications. Look it up on Google. Mike, KC9Q