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    How many HT's have you owned through the years?

    Icom-V8 Yaesu FT-60R VX-6R Just ordered another VX-6R today
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    Who's working FIELD DAY?

    Sounds like ya had a good time Chong. i'm gonna have to get involved in the one here next year. all i did was listen sounds fun. later 73 Mark
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    Who's working FIELD DAY?

    What frequency's are you folks by i never been involved in a Field Day. Let me know which one and what i need to to do and how to ID my station i'll be at home and i'll help some folks out. Thanks 73 Mark
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    Right back....have a goodone 73 Mark
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    I been away for awhile but i coming back you know where i'll be catch ya later NS CDX616 Mark
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    Does anyone go into the chatroom anymore or is there a new place you all hang out at.
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    nevermind found it
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    who did he beat this time
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    Call sign

    congrats guys
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    4040 in the dock of the bay

    yep that was me 616 around iowa comon
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    4040 in the dock of the bay

    Sounded good in the Hawkeye State too cotton choppa 616 gone
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    Welcome back Marconi CDX616 Mark back out
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    Inspiring to be a Licensed Ham anyone?

    Congrats NorthStar enjoy
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    Any radio do 11 meter as well

    have to start some where sure not gonna be MURS
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    Any radio do 11 meter as well

    TS-2000 www.mods.dk/view.php?ArticleId=1985
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    Any radio do 11 meter as well

    yeah what he said
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    Any radio do 11 meter as well

    ok move on people there's nothing to see here
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    The Dominator - CDX 616 Central Iowa

    Sounded good Lazy LazyBones CDX1222 73's CDX616 gone
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    sounded good Z33 till the next time 73's CDX616 Mark gone