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    Register you guns for local school

    Registration is the first step to confiscation.
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    Baofeng UV-5R Availability

    Wouxun usa Goto wouxunusa he has them in stock I got two last month, the guy has great service and fast shipping.
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    FT-450D- Antena tuner

    The FT450D antenna tuner as it comes from the factory will not tune any thing above 3 SWR if you do the tuner mode below you can tune up to 7 SWR. Turn OFF the radio using the ON/OFF button . Press and hold the ATT/PO, NB, AND AGC buttons and at the same time turn the radio ON by pressing...
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    MFJ-2990 43 foot Vertical Antena

    The MFJ 2990 is a 43 foot vertical antena that is very easy to put up and it is well built But the problem is that this antenna will not tune on 160 meters, I have 26 radials and I had to build and install a huge coil that sits one foot above the balum and adjust it with the antenna analyzer so...
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    Ameritron RCS-10 Antena Switch

    Hard to tell the unit died after two days then I had to pay to ship it back they will not switch it out for another unit it's been three weeks and I still do not have it back, I will update when I get it back.
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    eBayer gone mad?

    Too Much People are paying way to much on EBay mostly NFG's that do not know any better they over pay way too much for used gear.
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    First all mode HF Rig.

    Help a new guy out I am looking for my first all mode HF rig after much research I am considering the FT897D it’s within my budget and seems to do all I am looking for is there something else I should be looking at and who has the best price around?, it will used primarily as my base station I...
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    Yaesu FT-897D Review

    Thanks for a great review Mole thank you for the review great as always, you helped me make up my mind I have been agonizing for two weeks over my first HF rig, I wanted something that would cover VHF, UHF, 6 meter and 10 meter and so on all in one the only rig in my price range was the FT897...
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    Any Wouxun KG-UVD or Baofeng UV-3r group buy interest?

    I have both I would like to get another Wouxun I have found them to be fantastic radio for the money The Baofeng works and I use it in the city it’s more of a toy the Wouxun is what I would like to get another one of.
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    New guy needs help

    Once again Ed from Wouxun US came through with flying colors he got my radio on Friday and I had it back in my hands on Monday great service, soon as I got done down loading my config file I unplugged the programming cable and the radio came alive I can hit all the repeaters within ten miles and...
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    New guy needs help

    Diamond Antenna A side note my friend got a Diamond Antenna model number (SRH77CA) for his Wouxun KG-UV2D same radio as mine and it made a huge improvement in RX and TX his Wouxun is good but the Diamond antenna made it even better you will need the adapter to make it work, I ordered one I hope...
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    New guy needs help

    Thanks Guys, Thanks for your replies I drove up to FT. Lauderdale and got to within one mile of the repeater before it opened I sent my config page to Ed at Wouxun US and everything was configured right he had me send him the radio for replacement my friend drove up with me with the same radio...
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    New guy needs help

    I can not hit the repeter some times I can hear trafic on the repeter.
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    New guy needs help

    Hi guys, I am KK4CZT (Frank) I bought the Wouxun KG-UV2D got it about five weeks ago and have yet to make my first contact, I am using the KG-UV Commander for the config I have set the offsets and PL tones however I think that I have missed something in the config file, I was hoping that someone...
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    Wouxun KG-UVD1P Software Mod

    There is a known problem using the external mic cutting off the built in mike If I remember right go in to menu nine the fix is there it’s been a long time since I went through it I found it here when I did a search on this site.