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  1. newoldguy

    2SC2312 Repalcement parts ?

    Does anyone know which parts are direct drop in replacements for the 2312 I know the 1969 is similar and i believe they can be swapped without any changes to the circuit, I was wondering about the 2075, and nte236, also if there are other parts that could be used? I know the 2312's are pretty...
  2. newoldguy

    President JFK II A+

    Hello everyone! I just got a JFK 2A+ and need some help with the audio limiter i found the pot to open it but still not enough does anyone know which limiter or any mod to increase the modulation on this radio ? it is a kind of nice radio it just needs a little more modulation ...Thanks for any...
  3. newoldguy

    President JFK II A+ info needed

    just to follow up the mod at simon the wizards is the correct one just got my new toy today
  4. newoldguy

    Anytone AT-5555 V6 Setup

    nice looking radio i just ordered one, it looks like there are other names for this one ? similar to the quad 5 and the alpha 10
  5. newoldguy

    President JFK II A+ info needed

    the one i am buying has a huge heatsink along the back i will try to find some pics of it , ok just checked and no pictures of the back but there definately will be a heatsink if there isn't one
  6. newoldguy

    Galaxy DX-2547 suddenly virtually no output

    sounds like finals are bad
  7. newoldguy

    President JFK II A+ info needed

    Hey everyone thanks for looking I just bought a JFK II A+ I found 2 different versions on how to do the channel mod im guessing the cut the wire and move the jumper is the correct one ?? has anyone done the mod to one of these ? I should have the radio by the end of the week im hoping . Also...
  8. newoldguy

    CB Modification Website

    Nice!!! great info i just found this Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!
  9. newoldguy

    Midland 77-113 Adjustments

    I just picked up another one of these and it is really hard to find adjustment info so here is what i found RV201-squelch RV202-Modulation AMC RV-401- RX Meter RV-402-TX Meter CT401- Frequency Adjust not much but hopefully this will help others ,the channel mod is posted all over so i wont...
  10. newoldguy


    I know its an old post but i just picked one up and put in 2 nos mrf 455's i key it with 1 watt and the amp keys 30 and swings to 125 peak i am pretty impressed with this little amp.
  11. newoldguy

    TS-5010 W/TS-5011 UP FOR OFFERS

    It's been years ago that i had a 5010 that was a great radio what are you asking for it?
  12. newoldguy


    I noticed this was an old post but better late then never SD1074 is a 50 watt transistor.SD-1074-Transistor NPN Silicon 36v Ic=6a Po=50w Cb And Rf Power Outpu
  13. newoldguy

    Galaxy 1000 Amp Needs help!!!!

    definately sounds better then kv caps those are huge i should have the value you mentioned im going to give it a try thanks for the reply
  14. newoldguy

    Galaxy 1000 Amp Needs help!!!!

    do you know the value of that cap ? and after looking closer at it i believe you are rite also the other cap i believe it might of went to the tuner ?
  15. newoldguy

    Galaxy 1000 Amp Needs help!!!!

    Im thinking the same thing and after looking at my before pic im thinking one lead goes to the coil around the coax which goes to the meter the other the white one well it was white after it blew i am thinking it went to the tuner the 7.5 k as a filter thanks alot for the reply i will try to...
  16. newoldguy

    Galaxy 1000 Amp Needs help!!!!

    they really do and i know where the black one goes but the other im thinking might be a filter ??
  17. newoldguy

    Galaxy 1000 Amp Needs help!!!!

    hey everyone thanks for reading and any help in identifying the part values... well here goes My Galaxy 1000 has 4 8975 tubes i was talking the other night and my meter got real bright then smoke show, (ugh great ) i believe 2 capacitors on the back of the ant load blew here are some pictures i...
  18. newoldguy

    president HR2510 high swr spikes

    Tyler I'm just curious If you leave the top cover off does it work as it should?
  19. newoldguy


    I haven't seen any updates in this thread but they are back up by some miracle I really am thankful for all the info they share
  20. newoldguy

    Most excellent 10/11 opening this morning

    conditions have been great in Ohio for the last 3 weeks on 11 meter, I made several new contacts.