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  1. loosecannon

    Carrier control for the Cobra 142GTL. Our way.

    Im pretty sure Nomad has retired more scopes than most of us will ever buy. Nomad, I noticed you volted the final as part of this mod. Was this just because that's what the customer wanted? I didn't think you were much of a fan of volting the final because it's no longer being modulated. LC
  2. loosecannon

    Help using the keypad on my 2995DX

    let's see here; square root of squirrel's head equals...
  3. loosecannon

    Help using the keypad on my 2995DX

    Hi all, i was hoping to get some advice on how to use the keypad on my new 2995DX radio. The labels on the buttons don't seem to match those in the manual. Here is an excerpt from the Factory Service Manual: If anyone has a way to translate these labels id be much obliged! LC
  4. loosecannon

    Uniden Washington. Like a box of chocolates

    Holy Sonybond Batman! looks like they just opened up a new bottle when this radio came down the line. LC
  5. loosecannon

    Uniden Washington (8719) question

    Hawkeye, be sure to check my post in that thread you linked to. the added bonus of the channel selector not silencing the receive while turning the knob is very useful, and i have a feeling you'll start doing this mod to all the 8719 radios you work on. LC
  6. loosecannon

    HAM/CB operators ... how old are you?

    i think it makes sense that so far the 65-75 age range is "winning". this age group would have been between 18 and 28 in 1977 when CB got super popular. LC
  7. loosecannon

    RCI2995DXHP, latest and greatest. As always.

    I believe siliconix is the same company as Vishay. One of the big issues i have with these chassis is that they are using the small ceramic insulators on the driver, final, and the mosfets in the amp. notice in Nomad's pic that they don't even cover the whole back of the transistor. I replace...
  8. loosecannon

    Junker 858 Madison

    i've been using one of these at work for almost a year now and it seems to be holding up ok. definitely not for all day every day soldering, but for the price it does its job quite well. https://www.amazon.com/YIHUA-3A-Three-Soldering-Station-Function/dp/B08BK3V8X7/?tag=worradfor-20
  9. loosecannon

    Junker 858 Madison

    copper donut?
  10. loosecannon

    Junker 858 Madison

    good deal. please post the part numbers you used if they end up working. you should also check out D21 and D22. these were also common mods and you might find them jumped out or with a resistor between them. LC
  11. loosecannon

    Junker 858 Madison

    TM86, that mod where they remove L10 and L11 is an old audio mod from the secret CB days and it bypasses the low pass filter in the radio. it made the radios swing to higher wattages but eliminated the cool compressor that was built into this chassis. unless you have a parts board, you're...
  12. loosecannon

    Some fun reading about CB radio in the past

    I can't help but research CB radio when im bored and recently i ran across these two articles. I haven't read all of them yet but so far they are interesting. here ya go: https://www.jstor.org/stable/41237565?mag=how-black-cb-radio-users-created-an-audible-community&seq=1...
  13. loosecannon

    CSI Cheyenne / SuperStar L.B.J.

    Ack, What are you looking to do to this radio? LC
  14. loosecannon

    President George FCC NPC

    Chris can you take a pic of the board and give us the board number? not that the pic will show the way to do the mod, but it might be similar to other radios and we might be able to work it out that way. LC
  15. loosecannon

    Sinad Meter

    I saw Pez mention this but i'll go just a bit further. it is SUPER important that the tone coming out of your 8656 sig gen and the frequency that the notch filter in the sinadder is tuned to be matched. otherwise the sinadder cannot really do it's job and your results will suffer. so, you...
  16. loosecannon

    Looking for a Bezel for a Magnum S6 or S9

    thanks Eldorado i will reach out! LC
  17. loosecannon

    RCI-29 purchase update: Beware!!!

    Ok thank you i think i see what you mean now. I would probably word it a bit differently, but the effect on performance is the same. This is how i would explain it to that customer. Your 2547 was showing 19 watts PEP on the wattmeter, but wattmeters are dumb and dont care what frequency those...
  18. loosecannon

    RCI-29 purchase update: Beware!!!

    boy Hawkeye you've got me here. I can't figure out what you're trying to say. especially the part about the AC outlet. is there any way you can word that differently to help me understand? you do understand that amps are pulled by the load and not pushed by the supply right? and the "what...
  19. loosecannon

    142 GTL (PC-385 Chassis) extend clarifier range?

    Compare the two schematics and you'll find your answer. don't go too low with the new value though, it can be hard on the power supply when the clarifier is cranked all the way one way. the biggest limitation to swing range you'll find is the crystal itself. the load capacitance has a lot to...