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  1. Robb

    One of those.... "trying to gain experience" type questions.....

    While electrolytic caps may need to be tested, they are not necessarily the central or single cause of tuning errata. Their failure results in a circuit that isn't provided the necessary voltage/current due to rising internal resistance (called 'ESR'; or 'equivalent series resistance'). Sure...
  2. Robb

    Schematics needed for these AM radio with upd 858

    Yo do know that many of these radios you've mentioned are re-badged Unidens and use previous schematics of other versions of these radios? Not always exactly the same, but in effect - similar. Unless I am missing something here?
  3. Robb


    https://web.archive.org/web/20180910230330/http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/dak/mark_ix/index.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20180901133101/http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/dak/index.htm
  4. Robb


    Seems that the original CBTricks page now shows a '404 Page Not Found'. Sad to see that happen. The 'wayback machine' page is still working - though. I donated $10 to them, thought it was a good idea at this time. Don't forget to donate to the WWRF as well if you are in donation mode. This...
  5. Robb

    Site Upgrade, lots of new features

    Thanks, Tim. It would have been nice; but it's not really that necessary. At first, I couldn't find it. So I just thought that it was right in front of me yet I'd just missed it. Now I know better. No big-ee . . .
  6. Robb

    Site Upgrade, lots of new features

    How can one change the page color theme? Can't find it in all of this charcoal - lol.
  7. Robb

    Caps that last 50 years? All you need is a time machine.

    Do you think that these caps were exceptional; or survived because they had optimal conditions? You know; even environment, kept cool, and weren't abused? How did these caps survive and what did the mfr do to get them to be right.
  8. Robb

    Anyone getting snow?

    The CA Bay Area has received over 11" of rain in some places so far from this storm system. Small wonder that the Sierras are breaking snow records - too (same storm path). With that much snowpack in the Sierras and reservoirs going to capacity, they now face flooding at this time and at...
  9. Robb

    Anyone getting snow?

    Hey Jeff: You said you want snow? How much do you need? I'll send it over right away!
  10. Robb

    Whoooooeeee! Somebody needs an alignment!!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't be at all that surprised. Wait until you test an older 23 channel xtal controlled radio, like an old Cobra or SBE - for examples. That . . . isn't fun. The xtals are arranged in banks; a primary and secondary bank. They only way is to add trimmer caps to the one bank and fine tune...
  11. Robb

    Sirio 3 element SWR Question

    That antenna does NOT need to be trimmed - right out of the box. Not for CB anyway; 10m - yes. Be careful! You can't put it back on, lol. I would just make SURE that the assembled dimensions are correct to the instructions. Helps if you have/use a tape mesure that also shows the mm/cm...
  12. Robb

    Sirio 3 element SWR Question

    *Take the antenna down (sorry!) *Place the reflector side on the ground and then point the beam straight up in the air supported by a 2x4 or something similar. *Keep it away from any other metal for at least 25-30 ft. *Tune the gamma match with an antenna analyzer right at the feed point with a...
  13. Robb

    Vent the tank please.

  14. Robb

    Noise created by solar panels...watch this...

    Dave's TV and Electronics Repair in Grants Pass OR posted a short video about some of the properties that may shed some light (pardon the pun) concerning noise generated by a solar panel system. Dave is Ham and is also on CB from time to time:
  15. Robb

    Base ID this antenna please

    I'd seen a lot of ground plane antennas, but must admit never seeing on that had loops for ground planes. No identifying marks on it? Threw an analyzer on it yet?
  16. Robb

    Radio check ? A thing of the past ????

    When someone asks for a radio check, my usual reply is: "I got mine". . . . . But seriously? I always chat them up, and this helps to create a better radio environment. Everybody playing in the same sandbox and getting along proves to provide benefits in both the long and short run. Promotes...
  17. Robb

    And so it begins - Cobra’s “New” Generation Surface Mount Technology

    . . . And a powerful, expensive microscope/camera and a computer with a relatively large screen. . . . And, Lord willing, continued good eyesight - too. If ever there was a case saying that obsolescence was being built in and taking place, it is certainly true now!
  18. Robb

    Electrolytic capacitors assistance

    It is true that the RD mic isn't that old. Usually, it is the older caps that need replacing, unless they have been otherwise subjected to excessive heat AND cold - which is the root cause that takes a toll on the life of any cap. Replaced some six/seven caps in an old Turner+3 desk mic, which...
  19. Robb

    Electrolytic capacitors assistance

    Just a decent brand of caps (like Panasonic or Nichicon) will do the job just fine. Caps don' normally need to get replaced unless they physically leak electrolyte, or leak electrically, or have been tested and have poor equivalent series resistance ('ESR'). or shorted, or have gone open. Some...
  20. Robb

    Refurbishing D104 T-UP9 Microphone

    Only one suggestion . . . To replace the felt on the bottom, of course, you can get that at any fabric shop and is very cheap (about $1). Scrape the old felt off with a paint scraper and sand off with a jitterbug sander. Apply an even coat of contact cement on the bare plate and let tack dry...