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    I have one just like it. It has four 6kv6a's and six 6lq6's.
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    Which is better?

    Big power=tubes. Small power= solid state.
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    Product Comparison: Amazon 30 amp switching supply vs. MFJ-4275MV

    I also use one of these and haven't had a problem with it in the 1 1/2 years I've had it. I originally ordered two with one for a buddy and one didn't work. I sent it back got another and works nicely with my 98vhp.
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    largest beam antenna you have seen?

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    New antenna Install

    Looks good.
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    D&A PDX-400 trimmer capacitor SWR problem. PLEASE HELP

    Use a tuner or an old cb 'matchbox' between the radio and amp. The local Radio Shack still carries them and I'm sure some of the online cb shop do also.
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    New radio

    I use a vhp as a base and use a 30a switching supply that I paid $29.95 and no problems for 1.5 years.
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    Galaxy DX 99v2

    Looks fine to me.
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    hes back at it again!

    Don't you have to pay ebay some sort of fee if you sell an item? If someone wanted to be a butt and decided to bid on his item eventhough they had no intention of buying it would the seller still have to pay ebay a fee for selling that item?
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    Scam alert..

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    Is this for real?

    Are you going to bid on it? :laugh:
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    I believe they tightened the specs on radios and the 23 channel models did not meet those specifications. Others can elaborate.
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    Just for the sake of discussion mine came with 17kv6a drivers.
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    This 2x4 amp will..........

    I also saw one listed that was a straight 8 pill that they said took a 400w driver. Would not want that thing at all.
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    I Don't Understand - No ARES/Skywarn Activations

    Funny story concerning this I heard yesterday. I was talking with one of the local cb operators yesterday evening before the storm rolled in. I suppose on the news they sent out a call for amateur radio operators. He got on the radio and said " Hey they're looking for amateur radio operators...
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    Whats up with H&Y?

    Haven't had any problems with either company.
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    Anyone else have the FLU?

    Avoided it so far.