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    Lack of DX

    I work Europe most every day on 17 & 20 meters and Australia quiet often on 20 meters.I even worked Japan on 15 meters a few weeks ago on just 10 watts with my QRP radio on phone and Australia & New Zealand a couple of days before that. I hear people complaining but I'm doing just fine.The...

    Breedlove Mounts - SMH

    I think Tarheel is who you should be speaking with.If you had a product that you made of your own so they can see it then they would not have to guess what you are suggesting. W4KVW SIX-SHOOTER WRMX520

    Breedlove Mounts - SMH

    BREEDLOVE for sure makes the BEST mounts that you can Buy.You can run over them & they will survive with ease.If one of their mounts will not work for your vehicle they will design one that will.I have seen it happen several times & the owners were very pleased every time. W4KVW SIX-SHOOTER WRMX520

    Bassmaster out of south Florida

    MMM sounds like he has his head in a Toilet.I hope my audio Never sounds anything like his.Reverb is Not ever needed in transmitted audio.It was designed for the studio & recording settings & not over the air audio & I think that's a great place for it to stay.I have never spoken with MMM on any...

    Technically, not CB related...and may even get me thrown out of here!!!!!

    As I stated in my Original post,There are some frequencies on the Amateur Bands that are Abused but for sure far Less than on the 11 meter band.Also I know that 7.200.00 is usually full of MORONS as well but I only use 10-20 meters on the HF Bands.I don't care for 40 or 75 meters.I much prefer...

    Super Scanner

    I have owned Three of them from the 70's until about 10 years ago & my Starduster would out talk & hear them.It's unique since it gives you some rejection when use directionally but it's just a single element dipole in the direction you are using it in when used as a beam.I got all for either...

    Technically, not CB related...and may even get me thrown out of here!!!!!

    I started in CB in 1965 & I finally gave up on it last year because it's a Toilet that like most Big Cities needs Flushing so badly to remove all of the Crap that's there Today.It's beyond repair & I blame the FCC for not doing their job with Enforcement.I once loved the 11 meter band but it's...

    Technically, not CB related...and may even get me thrown out of here!!!!!

    You must buy everyone in the group that is the same class that you are a New HT of their choice of course.Congrats & I hope you are a General Class. {:>) SIX-SHOOTER W4KVW

    Ameritron AL-811H Amplifier

    I owned an 811H for about 10 years & I had some upgrades done because it was an older model.If I still owned an Ameritron I'd call & speak with Rob Hood or Mike Enis who are two of the technicians & they are very helpful.Two good guys who go out of their way to Help. SIX-SHOOTER

    Considering the sale of my Yaesu FT-990

    A 40 meter/80 meter Vertical takes up very little room & some do not even require a ground radial system.Lots of options for antennas for most any band if it's worth the money & effort to you.GAP makes some very good verticals. SIX-SHOOTER

    Considering the sale of my Yaesu FT-990

    I am a DIEHARD ICOM MAN but my First HF radio was a NEW Yaesu FT-990 back in 1995.It's not up to what my ICOM 7600 or ICOM 746,or ICOM 7000 but it's far better than ANY CB Radio that's ever been produced no matter the brand or model.I am shocked that you would even have to give it any thought at...

    Looking for amplifier options for SSB (10-12)m

    For 11 meters hopefully & not any Amateur Band.No filtering is a No No on the Amateur Bands. SIX-SHOOTER

    Home Elecraft K4D In the Shack

    My neighbor Mike-K4KJC has one with the New Legal Limit amplifier & he's very happy with the setup.I have never owned or operated anything they make because I'm very pleased with my ICOM Gear. SIX-SHOOTER W4KVW

    Siltronix 1011D Comanche

    I had one & I Hated it so much that I Traded it for n ICOM 2 meter mobile that did not even have a tone board & I gave the 2 meter mobile away.The 1011D drifted so badly I refused to use it. SIX-SHOOTER

    Tracking down the trash

    Which channel on 11 meters is this activity not happening? When the band is Open it's even WORSE! SIX-SHOOTER

    3/1/22 DX TO DAY

    Yes I know & I Love STEAK because it's my Favorite food but I don't want no stinking awards.I have enough junk on my walls already. {:>) SIX-SHOOTER

    3/1/22 DX TO DAY

    I continued to work the World over the weekend with my ICOM 703 PLUS & the 10 watts it puts out.I worked several stations in Australia,New Zealand,Spain,France, Guadelupe, Brazil,Haiti,Croatia,Germany,Austria & many more.I worked them on 10,15,17,& 20 meters & all of them were pretty easy.It's...

    3/1/22 DX TO DAY

    15 Meters was Amazing yesterday 3/1/22.I worked the Canary Islands,Spain,& Ecuador all with my ICOM 703 PLUS on just 10 watts.The station in the Canary Islands had a good pileup going & I only had to call him twice.I was a solid 5-9 there & I got a 5-9+10 from the station in Spain.For 10 watts...

    Some Russian Forces Apparently Using Open Analog Voice in Ukraine Conflict

    I don't speak or read Russian or any language other than English so it would all just be Noise to me & I Hate Noise. SIX-SHOOTER

    Who would you consider the best DX'er on this site

    I have worked quiet a few stations in Cuba on 2 meter SSB,6 meter SSB,& HF over the years & I even have QSL Cards from a few.I believe that CO2OJ is now a SK but I have worked him many many times. Clayton W4KVW