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    President Lincoln 2 mic options??

    generally thats just how i run mine.. plus imho i feel it keeps back noise to a minumin
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    President Lincoln 2 mic options??

    sounds like a good match... but why turn down mic gain on radio.. try leaving mic gain on radio wide open.. then turn up power mic till ya get ya desired level ..half way point ??? maybe
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    Ranger 69 Base Noise changing channels on 11 meters

    sounds like thr radio is drifting during warm up.. just leave the radio on it should stabilize after 30 minunites or so
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    27.475 LSB

    same here and fm also
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    Base Sirio 2008 vs 2016

    i got the sirio 2016 ..you can easily find them at copperelectronics.com or dnjradio .com.. ive had mine up since 2009 .. reguardless of radial lenth it works well. survided many p.a. ice storms and wing ...great antenna too
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    ASTROPLANE best vertical antenna ever?

    i dont know much about putting antennas in tree....but if it were mine id get another mast same lenth ,metal connect them two using u bolts n clamps then mount antenna above it ..if that tree should ever fall ;and they do' ya antenna is gonna get destroyed
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    Is resonance really where you get best antenna performance?

    just ac question ..in my moble setup wilson 5k mag mount .. i get a reading of R=40-45 and x=0 swr of 1.2 -1.3 ...if i try to improve R then my x rises ..should i let it be
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    Mobile Ram 1500 antenna

    where did mount antenna???? anywhere othere than the roof is gonna be a high swr. with coil below the roofliune..not to mention performance will be hindered if coil is below roofline
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    Real CB Radios are side mic

    awsome setup.. any performance difference between the 6 and 7 foot skipshooter....and with the mikes i would,ve liked to seen a ranger 198 in the mix
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    7' Skipshooter (Pictures and measurements)

    i m running a 5 foot skipshooter on the roof of my personal vehicle..works great !! especially where ilive lots of hills and valleys...ive tried most of the fiberglass antennas and this one is by far the best...its only downfall i see is its not as broadband as say a 10k, mr.coily...
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    larsen mobile antennas for cb

    ive been looking at these for the girlfriend.. she likes the look of them.has anyone ever tried them on 11 meters??nmo mount would be new for me
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    Mobile Wilson 1000 barjan junk now?

    ive used a sirio decent antenna.. i now running a topload skipshooter.
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    best 11meter vertical ever, period.

    i live in a trailer with a metal roof.. so a gaimaster probaly wouldnt be a good idea
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    ?? Tuning the new Maco V58 ??

    this is what i was taught ..although many tell me im wrong and channel 20 is centere???
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    Co phased coax for big rig set up

    i agree with get a skipshooter antenna i run one also.. for ya question ya need rg 59 ,75 ohm coax .. to my best of knowledge this is the only 75 ohm coax.
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    Realistic ssb radio what is the best one made?

    457 and 458 were the best ssb base stations,..they had a mobile with ssb not sure of its exact numbers 447??i think
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    Almost a whip.

    7 foot skipshooter
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    Built an Astroplane in an afternoon.

    just curious as tohow ya got a targa astroplane ????arent those over seas???
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    ASTROPLANE best vertical antenna ever?

    glad to see ya back..hope ya feeling better
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    Base Mosley Devant 5/8 wave without Top Hat and Hair Pin Matching device.

    been looking at this antenna..just curious as why ya tested it differently than assembled.?