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  1. Woody-202

    For Sale: Browning Golden Eagle Mark III

    :LOL: Good times... good times, it was a great way to get around someone acting like an arse! (RM, I'm not trying to change topic / hijack your post, it was a spontaneous memory triggered by Chris/Nomad).
  2. Woody-202

    GE Super Base DC power cord

    Yes, same cord.
  3. Woody-202

    FCC Proposes $18,000 Fine in Louisiana Amateur Radio Interference Case

    I looked at the bulletin and did a call search on QRZ. It appears active and he last updated his page in the last year or so.
  4. Woody-202

    FCC CB license

    KDU5960 (1969). My dad had to get it because I wasn't old enough.
  5. Woody-202

    What is this? Sounds like a tone generated from an Atari 2600 cart

    Could have been FT8. Several guys in another group have been using FT8 on ch.28 and trying to get more ops to join 'em. If they did on 28, there's no reason it couldn't happen on 18 as well.
  6. Woody-202

    President Lincoln 2 mic options??

    When I bought my II+ I found that my Uniden 6-to-4 adapter didn't work correctly and had to order a President 6-to-4. At least, that's what I remember...
  7. Woody-202

    Sams PhotoFacts CB Volumes

    Ah...you must have a slant face! It took me a year to get mine.
  8. Woody-202


    Thanks for the tip! I like looking at various reference material, but have never run across this one so I took a look on eBay and picked up the 2020 version
  9. Woody-202


    I think it's the same as the Comstat 25B -
  10. Woody-202

    Best Mic? 955

    Turner +3 hand mic comes to mind, but I prefer their RK70/76 hand mic. Like the M+3 plus noise canceling.
  11. Woody-202

    Tube type radios and amp sales?

    If you're in Facebook look up the "Fans of Browning, Tram and Sonar radios", better yet, here's a link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1401534923448133/ There's a fella on their (Matt Bee) who rebuilds 'em and also sells some occasionally. From what I have seen, he gets a good amount of...
  12. Woody-202

    Walkie Talkie Antenna improvement

    Going from 3w to 4w output wouldn't make a difference. It takes a 4x increase in output power to gain 1 S-unit (in this case, 12w), so improving the antenna is the best option.
  13. Woody-202

    Yaesu FT891 - any good?

    I owned one for about a year. I got it before COVID shutdown hamfests and the ham store hamfest sales ($549). The menu system wasn't something I got along with so I sold it (but it worked fine)..never ran into the issue mentioned.
  14. Woody-202

    The sun is firing, yet no skip :(

    This is something that should be said more often. There's too many out there believing the opposite.
  15. Woody-202

    Most Interesting CB Shop

    Sonny's CB shop (long closed) East of Conroe Texas was the best, and most interesting CB shop I've ever been to.