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11 meter is very quiet?


Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
Absolutely nuthin here for days in my part of the lonestar state....

I’ve been from FTW to FL and up IH-95 & IH-81 to PA to IN and south again down IH-65 to S/E AL the past 2.5-weeks. Start back home today using IH-20.

There’s been a whole lot of nothin (long distance).
Not blank, just nothing much or for very long.

Usually, central TN breaks free awhile, but not this trip.



Active Member
Jul 15, 2010
I remember days back in the early 80's during the summer we'd have periods of time with no 'english' speaking skip, but we'd still be able to hear Mexico and South America. (What ever happend to station Tequila 5 in Acapulco??) However the last 2 weeks have been really dead here in PA, with the exception of a few interesting groundwave contacts over 80 miles away.
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