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11 meter is very quiet?

Cabover Bob

567 on the west side
Nov 17, 2020
Wow, how many wheels does that thing have? Hauling that super heavy stuff is where the money is at I'm sure.
Tractor has 10, jeep n dollies have 48. We are 131' long, 12' wide, 15'-7" high and 235,000 lbs with this particular combination. It's a pita reading a Tx permit, and they really don't know their own bridge heights. I run a high pole at 16'-1" under many bridges marked 15'-9" and clear by 3"-4". I'm in that black Ram and the truck driver follows me, and for the final 5 hours or so from Junction to Houston we get a police escort where we go the wrong way on small town streets and don't stop for too many stop signs or signals. Fuel is $1.50+ cheaper in Tx, so I always bring 100 gallons back to Ca with me.


Recovering Crackerhead
Jul 10, 2011
I got a flat tire in New Braunfels about 6 weeks ago. Next time I go that way I'll let you know, we run 27.245 when delivering to Houston. View attachment 48983

I am in and out of Houston a lot, I run up to the Midland-Odessa area quite often. How often do you run in Texas? Do you shoot skip will you run escort? Do you have a separate radio that you use just for the job at hand?
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Shadetree Mechanic

808 On The North Side of Dover
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
Doing brakes on my wife's Ford explorer in the garage, monitoring ch 38 lsb. Texas Ranger 797, d104m6b with the resistor clipped, and kl203 with Star duster at 23 ft. Had 909 Bahamas come in over the chatter. I called back to him and had a nice qso before he dropped out. Feels good to get back out in the garage working on stuff. Hopefully the overtime will slow down after the first of the year.


NY 881
Jul 28, 2019
Up-State NY
It was pretty live in N Ca on 27.285 for a few hours. Talked to Ga/Al/Tn and heard Ky/Va/Carolinas. Not sure where Ricochet is at, but he was over the top of everyone when he keyed. Six-pack was making a fine trip as well.
I'm almost positive Ricochet is in Georgia. Many times, he is blasting us up here in Central NY.

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