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11 meter is very quiet?


NY 881
Jul 28, 2019
Up-State NY
There was 2 options there the speaker and the little control box which looks like you use your existing speaker. Was wondering what the pros & cons of each is. I already have many speakers. Is the control box more effective?
Quote from Crawdad: A Digital Signal Processor. Takes the audio from your receive and filters out some of the junk. Has helped me quite a bit on weak signal Rx. Especially SSB DX.
Check out West Mountain Radio's site. There's other brands out there also.


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Feb 22, 2019
Don't be bashful and do what everyone does. Buy it and try it!
I'm laughing because if you seen my house you would think I was the Mad Electronic Gadget Guy. The Goal is to get this house cleaned out so I can sell it and down-size to a small cabin in the country on top of a hill so the neighbors have nothing to complain about. LOL They are all perfect in their own little mind. LOL
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NY 881
Jul 28, 2019
Up-State NY
First off I hate to see this thread veer off course..here’s a link to a great discussion regarding the WestMountain DSP: https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/westmountainradio-clrdsp-feedback.262018/

I have owned both the stand alone DSP box and the speaker/DSP combined. In my opinion the combination is a better option as I believe the DSP and Speaker are better matched than trying to match the stand alone DSP to the right speaker. In addition I think the speaker in the combination unit is outstanding.

South of Pittsburgh
I agree. Let's return to the discussions relating to; "11 meter is very quiet?"


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Feb 17, 2016
Have the Ranger fired up at the moment on 385 LSB, Conditions are slowly starting to pick up,the Weather up here in Central Pennsylvania ( I live outside of State College in the town of Bellefonte) are herrendous with the Freezing rain falling at the moment and the roads look like Crap.................hope all of my Radio Friends have a good day today and stay safe,take Care..............


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Jan 29, 2021
N/W Arkansas
BTW, in case anyone doesn't know that A$$-hole out there in Phoenix Arizona calling himself "Super Dave" and raising hell and calling people names,cussing, jamming, etc. is the one and only, Chris Sweeney, AKA Sheriff Bob, AKA Delta Tango 306, AKA AE5QJ.He and his mental midget minions have been out causing the same old problems as always.Sure would be nice if something happened to this sicko and he and his freaks just faded away.
About 40 years ago there was a guy running about 1000 watts that used to cruise channels just to key up on people and make it impossible for anyone to talk. Lots of folks had D&A and other amps that would crank out the power but rarely used them. Partly because the FCC would actually come to your house and take your gear, but more importantly they respected their neighbors and others on the air. I used a 40 ch walkie talkie and zeroed in on the ass clowns 20 and passed the info on to my Elmer's. They warned the guy one last time to knock it off and he told them where to go. They didn't want a 16 year old kid involved so they made sure I was busy with something else. That night four big power drinking bib overall wearing rednecks paid a visit. Two cut down the tower, coax, and cut up what was left of the antenna. The other two kicked in the door, beat the guy into submission, then took hammers and destroyed anything that even looked radio related. Not sure why FCC never acted with all the reports they got on him. But last I heard him was 4 years later on a stock mobile with a different handle asking for a radio check. Vigilante justice is what it took because proper procedure didn't work.

Shadetree Mechanic

808 On The North Side of Dover
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
Was in the mobile this morning around 11 am cst and Boston Mass was booming in. Also heard a Maine station in there. Skip was relatively quiet. But the stations i did hear was 5\9. Can't get on the base due renovations in the radio room. At least I have the mobile..(y)
Renovations in the radio room? Oh No! Please tell us the renovations are to make it the best shack ever. It would be a shame if it got taken over for "Arts and Crafts" or something.

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