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11 meter is very quiet?

It was a pretty successful day in the world of Dx. Didn't even have to try hard today, just in the moments I was near the station it was possible to work a station just by calling cq. So dog gone tired from the long days that I didn't really dedicate a whole lot of time but when I was there it was good.

It was all about the conditions on my end!
Today is the first day in a long time that I had very little to do. So I took advantage and spent some time on the radio. I don't know about anyone else, but my radio was booming all day long!! It was like Christmas radio!! :ROFLMAO:

I did try 40USB many times with no luck, and 16LSB as well with no results. I filled 1 1/2 pages in my log book with ease, and most of these were nice, long QSOs. Mostly on 36, 37 & 39 LSB.

It's still booming in as I type this, but I need to stop and get ready for a heavy week of work travel.
It's been quiet just on the AM trucker side of things, not much for skip. Haven't powered up the base in a couple of days so not sure what ssb is doing in thos part of the world. Kind of going through some burnout in several of life's departments and not much for radio motivation.
Totally get ya!! We have life to deal with and with poor conditions, well radio goes to the back burner. It’s like a sine wave…peaks and valleys.
Same for the panhandle of Texas, just had a great hour of steady qso's with the northeast corner. Had a good lengthy qso with 243 in Maine and then mother nature turned off the switch for me. Like a Harry Houdini magic show, it was here then gone!
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Worked 279 in Illinois on his home-made 3-element beam, Ch. 36 LSB, both of us barefoot. Here in the desert southwest this Saturday afternoon, running a base-loaded 8 ft vertical, MFJ-1974. Hearing Indiana calling Alaska at the moment. Eastern Tennessee, northwest Arkansas, and Chicago also in there.
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    ARRL September VHF Contest: 1800Z, Sep 9 to 0300Z, Sep 11 :coffee: (y)
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    Funniest thing heard on the radio this weekend: "I don't have a roger beep, so I've got my dog's squeaky toy. <squeek!>"