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2790N4 mic


8-2-8 in the Lonestar state
Feb 21, 2016
The Lonestar State
The 198 is a good mic but the gain is low. You have to almost eat the mic for it to produce louder audio. In comparison to the 636, the 636 has a better response. I would vote 636 but that's my opinion after testing both on several radios. The (telex) rk56 not the knockoff of today also reproduces the voice well in a mobile environment.


Supporting Member
Feb 13, 2011
On my 2970n2 I got great reports on the d104-m6 and the 575 as well. Mine was in a pickup, so really no background noise to cancel.

Nick hatz

Active Member
May 19, 2020
I agree with you the 198 you have to eat it to sound good. Was thinking about the D104-m6 as it will be in the pickup truck. Can’t wait to get it all set up.

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