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2m ground plane kit on automobile


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May 9, 2011
I'm using a mag mount dual band vhf antenna on my car and it's fine. I wonder about adding a ground plane kit. I get the car is the groundplane. But its grounding through capacitance vs a real ground. So I wondered if the groundplane kit would improve the function. Works as it is, just want better.

For a given magnet size, the higher the frequency the better magnet mounts of the same size functions.

At CB frequencies, a 5 inch magnet is barely able to do the job. At 2 meter frequencies, even a three inch magnet is far more effective than a 5 inch magnet at CB frequencies.

Also, just because it is grounded through capacitance does not automagically mean bad. If you get enough capacitance it is just as good as a direct connection. A lot of old broadcast antennas used capacitive ground systems to ground them to the earth. I wouldn't be surprised if some still do. They are essentially the same thing as a magnet mount today, although they are much bigger in size...

And finally, your version of "real ground" is apparently a direct connection? There are various uses of this word in the hobby/science of antennas. In modeling, for example, real ground is a specific type of earth that has certain characteristics. Also, many people see "real ground" as meaning, in your case, the earth under the vehicle as in many cases the vehicle chassis really only acts like a capacitive ground system with the earth below...

A friend of mine ran an Arrow so called Open Stub J-Pole on his mobile for a while. It worked fine. If you are insistent on removing such capacitive ground systems from your setup, it is something you might try...

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It's not that I'm insistent, just currious. I'm aware of the possible gain/lack of gain in a mobile setup and just wondering if it can improve. Using the setup I have works fine and I'm pleased with it. Just always looking and thinking. Even considered one of those 7ft marine antennas to try. But 150 bucks to play around isnt all that
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If you just want to play with 2 meter antennas for fun try a Hustler CG-144.
I used to run one on my pickup and it worked very well.
I could park up on Tamarack Ridge and work the repeater in Pacifica over on the coast.
My tri-band Comet at the same power level would not even chunk the machine.
At a little over 7 feet long it's a big antenna for 2 meters.

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