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2x1446s and 4x1446s variable / amp draw ?

Switch Kit

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Apr 6, 2005
would a 4 x 1446 amp with the variable just cracked open pull more amps then a 2 x 1446 up on say the low side ? ....I guess what IM trying to get out here is ...because a 4 pill is what it is ,will it automatically draw more amps or will the variable help control the situation ? thanks SK

i like it when you ask questions i can answer lol
the 4x1446 will draw less current if you run it on low setting than high setting, the only 1446 amps i have run on a power supply are the kl351p/kl400 and the kl500, the 2 pills are more current efficient, ie if you ony have a 20/25amp supply you will get more avg power from the 2pill in my experience.
I think the question is, which amp will draw more current:

a 2 pill putting out 20W

or a 4 pill putting out 20W

Is that it?

This is hard to answer because the pill's efficiency curve varies as a function of output/input.

I would agree, though that the 2 pill would draw less current, but have never measured it.

I say that because there is a sweet spot for efficiency for the pill, and that is sure not at the lower side. Generally, a PA is more efficient at the higher side.
thanks gentlemen for the replies , a friend of mine basically lives in his motor home , he runs two batteries with a 4 X 1446 variable amp , this puppy draws very well even when the variable is only cracked , he really doesn't like to run the motor all the time just for running his amp ,(gas prices as well) I told him going to a smaller amp might do the trick for talking local without having to worry so much about draining his batteries for say getting a little more out of the low side of a 2 X 1446 with out killing his batteries so quick ....if any of that makes any sence ? thanks again. S-K
if getting the most power output for a given limited supply is your main goal i would go with a 2x1446, maybe the custom amps are different but with mainstream amps this is what i have observed.

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