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7kW tube


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Apr 29, 2011


Two GU-47B by UY7MM.
Power output: 10 kW
Power supply: 380 V
Driver Power: 200 W

Holy sh#t.....that is a mean lookin skanger banger. (y)


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Sep 6, 2011
Look at the 6.3V current requirement!!! You are not going to plug a beast like that into the wall of your home. By the time you have the plate transformer going and the fill. transformer going even with no load you would be grossly exceeding what most homes are wired for I would imagine.

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May 15, 2010
At idle. drops to around 5400 under load, 75 watts drive .6ma PI, over 2KW carrier output. Tube is just loafing at that drive level, PS rated at 1.5 amp CCS.

I built it just to build one using a 4x1, tested it, worked it on 75 meters and 20 meters for a few weeks. Then rolled it into a corner and there it sits.

where are you and will it fit in the back of a jetta wagon?:laugh:


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Jun 2, 2009
where are you and will it fit in the back of a jetta wagon?:laugh:

It would fit if you lay the back seat down, two pieces with PS on a roll around base, takes two grown men to lift that ps.RF deck sits on top. It is a baby compared to Nomade's beasts.
That 4x1 may make a decent driver for that homebrew.:D
90 amp at 380 sure have to be three phase.


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Sep 6, 2011
That would not scare me maybe the power bill would since I have had a heck of time finding enough work the last two years.

I would love to have a beast like that if I could afford the power bill to run it!!LOL I would have to install a turbine on the water main, maybe a windmill in the back yard, some solar pannels etc.....This way maybe the power I sold back to the grid would off set the amount I would draw when that beast is on!LOL I can only imagine having that girl on from say 9pm to 2 in the morning yacking away........Lights in the neighborhood dimming with my modulation!!!!

Hey do you have a your own Power Pig????LOL Maybe a a huge diesel powered generator in your back yard??? Just in case the grid does go down???LOL


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Sep 19, 2009
Something is seriously wrong if it takes 90 amps on a 380 volt line to make 10 KW output? That's over 34,000 watts of input power. It's probably closer to 50 amps maximum unless the tank circuit is way off.

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