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8950 tube ??


Analog Retentive
Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
Okay, RJB, I'm gonna suggest you start a whole new thread for this linear problem.

Below is pasted the PM you sent about this. Right there it answers the question I just asked above, about the relay going "click".

I was given a Pal 351BDX and told that the tubes were changed from a 8950 to 6JM6A and the caps needed to be
replaced (4) 30uf 500v... So i replaced the caps ..... but the problem is in Xmit mode i don't get any output signal if the amp is in standby mode there is an output of only the 5w of the cb radio...
any help please thanks
RJB 73

So we know the relay is going "click" since the radio's wattage that passes through the amplifier on standby goes away when it's in operate mode.

We still don't know why the tubes are not amplifying. But we know the relay is going "click". Might start with cleaning the contacts. Cutting a strip of paper you can thread between the contact points, getting it wet with a solvent, and drawing the paper under the contacts while you gently press down on them is a start.

And if you see a streak of dark schmoo on the paper aftwerwards, it was time.

Just don't use any kind of abrasive. Good chance this would damage the contact points on a small relay.

Might not help, but won't hurt.



The Man With No Shoes
Oct 31, 2019
hi everyone,
I was give a PAL 351 BDX and the tubes were swapped out from 8950 to 6JM6A
the problem that i am have is i can't get the amp to amplify in xmit mode. i hope someone can help me
Welcome to the forum! As NomadRadio said it would be best to start a new thread on your problem at hand. Makes it easier to find info in the future.
Something else i know folks here helpful in trying to diagnose issues is pictures.
For cleaning contacts and switches ive been using Deoxit Gold series. An old trick is to use a crisp dollar bill to drag thru the relay contacts. Its tougher than paper and less likely to tear.
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