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Another antenna question


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Apr 2, 2005
Nebraska's cornfields
Ok i was thinking and i was wondering if i could put another whip on my trucks tailgate? Its a long bed so its well over 6 foot. Would this work or will it create problems? I will have to get some ground straps if i do do it so its grounded right. My SWR's are almost dead flat right now. I dont have anything power installed yet but i will soon. Just would like to key down on the damn truckers when things get rough(telling them there is a gay man at the truck stop looking for love :LOL: ) Let me know what i need to do. Or should i just leave one on And as for the questions,,,,,,,, Truck:1981 GMC. Radio: Cobra 29 LTD classic. Antenna: 102' Whip.

Is this going to be used while vehicle is moving or stationary? I only ask because I would think you would have some serious change in swr's as the antennas moved around. If you were only going to use it stationary it should work you would have to play with the heigth some I think it should do better that just the driven element. Just my 2 cents
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