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Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)


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Jan 19, 2002
Rootstown, Ohio
What are some examples of the single final radios with good swing or the 40 watt dual final radios? Motorcycle, snowmobile and car engines I'm quite well up on, not so much with electronics. I am learning, but wow what a lot to learn!
Maybe just stick with the N2 barefoot and keep the amp in the closet! Simpler installation (KISS) and with a well-sorted base station antenna the N2 should do a fine job.



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Dec 11, 2022
Northeast Wisconsin
Maybe just stick with the N2 barefoot and keep the amp in the closet! Simpler installation (KISS) and with a well-sorted base station antenna the N2 should do a fine job.

My goal this spring is to put up something like a Maco Shooting Star. I am hoping that improves my signal strength over the Maco V58. That plus the Q5N2 should be a pretty good setup.

I should see if the guy that bought my Lincoln 2+ wants to sell it back to me for no more than what he gave me for it. Doubtful.


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Jan 19, 2023
I would LOVE to do that. And I tried to do that in my very first post on this issue. I was able to take video on my I-phone, and transfer it to my PC successfully, but when I tried to "attach files", I was unable to.

So I went and did the same thing with my Panasonic Lumix camera. I took a very nice quality video, was able to watch it on my PC, but unable to post it here. I guess that the "attach files" here is strictly for pictures, and doesn't allow large files that video requires.

I don't do YouTube, other than watching videos there.

But even if I had a video, what you would see is exactly as I described. Four radios being compared to the new one (the 5555N2), each displaying a totally quiet receive with zero signal or noise floor. Each set to SSB, with no NB, no NR, no pre-amp, and no att.

Em seguida, com o 5555 colocado no mesmo local, com a mesma antena conectada, na mesma frequência, 5 unidades S de hash constante e em TODA frequência que o rádio pode fazer, de 28 a 30 MHz.

E agora, o outro cavalheiro confirmando que seu medidor de rádio é esquilo e seu áudio relativamente ruim.

O áudio, eu esperava que fosse abaixo do ideal em um rádio como este, mesmo usando um bom alto-falante externo, como sempre faço com todos os transceptores que uso. Então isso não é grande coisa para mim.

Mas o que é importante é ter uma deflexão constante de 5 unidades S de medidor S, aparentemente EMBUTIDA ao rádio, quando ligo uma antena a ele, quando sei com certeza que nada deveria estar aparecendo no qualquer medidor.

A melhor maneira de descrevê-lo é imaginar ter um rádio com um pré-amplificador conectado a ele e ligado. O engraçado é que eu NUNCA os uso em um amplificador de "10 metros". Porque tudo o que eles fazem é amplificar o ruído também.

Muuuuito ....

Alguém mais tem um 5555N2 que faz isso? Piso de ruído sempre presente, mostrado em seu S-meter?
Eu tenho aqui no sul do Brasil com o meu Anytone 5555n2 novo que veio da China.
Nunca diminui de S6, mesmo estando tudo S0 em outros rádios.
Isto me irrita porque o que queria em primeiro lugar deste rádio, uma recepção silenciosa, mas é o pior que já vi.
Alguma solução no menu secreto?


8-2-8 in the Lonestar state
Feb 21, 2016
The Lonestar State
Back to the original topic, kind of.

The 5555N2 is back up to bat now with many qso's today. Conditions we're not that great today but good enough to get out there.

So with the Uniden bc645 microphone being tried on the quad 6, now it's up to bat too, but now on the Q5N2. I have to say that it does really well on this radio as it did with the quad 6. Switching between it, the stock mic, and the modified 104m6 it gives more depth than the stock mic and tone is really similar to the 104m6. I like the way it feels in the hand, it's got some weight to it but that's probably because it literally has a metal weight in it.

It's almost..... as if these radios were really intended to use an electret condenser mic...

So for any of you looking for a more conventional feeling mic that plays well with the radio and you don't lose audio with, then this is a good alternative. The only drawback is not having the channel up/down buttons.

Again, credit goes to @Shadetree Mechanic for suggesting the bc645 microphone.

Still really liking this radio!

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