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ARRL January VHF Contest

BJ radionut

Supporting Member and 6m addict
May 9, 2008
35 miles East of Indianapolis
ARRL January VHF Contest: 1900Z, Jan 15 to 0359Z, Jan 17

Saturday 2:00 PM EDT thru Sunday 11:59 PM EDT

Contest Objective:
For amateurs in the US and Canada (and their possessions) to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. Stations outside the US & Canada (and their possessions) may only work stations in the US (and its possessions) and Canada.

United States/Canada
Participation: Worldwide
Mode: Any:mad:
Bands: 50 MHz and up

Exchange: 4-character grid square


Hope to hear you "In the Air"

All the Best

January VHF Summary Sheet
http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Contest Forms/JanVHFForm2018v1.pdf

VHF/UHF Log Sheet
http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Contest Forms/vuelog.pdf

U.S. Grid Square Map

World Grid Square Map PDF - Resource Detail - The DXZone.com

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