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AT-5555N II

Dallas Starr

New Member
Jan 2, 2023
I have a very recently purchased late production run Q5N2 in perfect flawless condition. Perfect in every way, cosmetically and electronically. Has maybe an hour (at most) of actual on time. Not a scratch, not even a speck of dust.

Comes with everything that came with the radio, including the mic, power cord, box, manual, as well as an RJ45 to 4-Pin microphone adapter cable, in case you wish to run another microphone. This adapter cost me $28 shipped. Haven't ever even used it.

I bought this radio strictly as a backup rig to my IC-7610 in case of a grid down (like an EMP) event, or whatever may come. But they just recently had a fantastic sale (the Dayton Hamvention sale) at the various ham retailers including HRO, and I couldn't pass up the deal they had on 7300's, so I bought one for myself, and one for a good friend, who reimbursed me.

So, in short, I do not need the AT-5555N 2 as a backup, as the 7300 will be my backup. So I am selling the Q5N2. Again, the radio is literally like brand new and has been in the box since the initial testing.

$200 (firm) shipped anywhere USA (except Alaska or Hawaii)

I paid $250 for the radio and $28 for the mic adapter for a $278 total. So $200 (shipped) for a radio that's just like it came brand new, a few months ago, along with the mic adapter, is reasonable, IMHO.

Great price with adaptor and shipping ! Same board as the Stryker 955 ..........The new noise reduction on these put my Quad 6 in the backseat ! Wish this deal was around 2 months ago. Hands down a great deal on this one.

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