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Beep Box help - all going off at once


Jan 22, 2013
Hi Guys

First off before you tell me to dump it in the trash because its an annoying beep box its mainly for my own amusement and won't get used that much, I always wanted a box of tricks with my fav beeps in, just having a little trouble with it that I need some electronic advice please.

OK so right now I have three beeps in the box, a hygain v, 5 tone and tunetone. I have all the mic audio wired together, the PTT on radio, the PTT on mic, mic ground, +12v and -0v. Some beeps have a dedicated switch wire which nomally goes to ground to shut the beep off or on I forget which right now.

Problems I am having now is when I key up all the relays on each board turn on and the one beep goes off at the same time as other beeps. I think I did a good job of seperating them but the audio and tx goes to all of them. I am wondering if I added a diode to each line would help somehow.

Can anyone please offer any advice on how I can solve the issues to try seperate out each beep in the box so they really only are able to be used one at a time?

Thank you as always



Well-Known Member
May 18, 2005
wire a separate on/off switch for each beep board and turn off the ones you dont want active .
or get a rotary position switch and run the 12 volt thru it to each board then select the board you want to run with the switch .

it sounds like you have 12 volt power running to all boards at once .that wont work .

hopefully you understand what i mean

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