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Best Bang For The Buck SWR/Watt Meter

Taxi Driver

New Member
Mar 2, 2014
Oregon Monsoon Central
Can some recommend a "best bang for the buck" SWR/Watt meter?

Not sure whats good and what's not. I'm not rich either.
I'd like a unit that is good enough to use on a real radio with 200 or so watts.
Real radio is defined as a RCI-2950/2970 or a similar export radio.

If a combo unit isn't what real radio operators use I defer to the experts here on what I need to get to test my antique AM/SSB CB radio/ amp combo'
A recommendation on a dummy load would be helpful too. Never used one.

I have an old Radio Shack Field Strength/SWR Meter from the 90's.
Same as this one
Radio Shack Field Strength Meter Cat No 21 523 Looks New SWR Meter | eBay
It seemed to work good enough to test the rig when I was yanking it in and out of the car all the time.

Link to old radio thread

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