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Best or funniest handle..


Recovering Crackerhead
Jul 10, 2011
Somwhere between Lafayette and New Orleans on highway 90 I talked to a guy on a base station that went by static. He said no matter where I went I would hear static on the radio haha. I haven't heard him anymore even with all the times I have been down that way but I sure have heard static.


Active Member
Sep 17, 2013
Heres one for the old timers..whats the best or funniest handle you have heard over the years....besides splash of course..
Bicycle Barney. He would hang out on channel 15 AM. He would get more erratic as time went on and the beer cans piled up. He and Arttie Windjammer would go at it hours at a time. Brooklyn New York 1970s

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