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Brownings, Tram, Galaxy DX99, Deltaforce, GrantXL x2, Amplifiers + more


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008
Prices MAY or MAY NOT be negotiable (ASK/MAKE OFFER) shipping is addtional. I will accept PayPal, check/money order.

Anything not sold will evwentually make its way to Ebay, and probably sell for a whole lot more.

This is all pretty much projects, I either bought these knowing they would need work, or bought as working, but ended up needing work. I have no interest in repair/restoration any more, going to just connect the antenna, and turn on the radio, thats about it.

These will all be described as accurately as possible, Pictures available to seriously interested parties! I haven't taken pictures, I may get around to it without a request and update in the next few days.

Tubes were only tested if noted, I borrowed my B&K Tester to a friend and never got it back. Most of this should be recapped, and components check for value.

Browning Mark III: RX, TX, Cosmetically not bad, eagle is missing, RX has the odd, and fairly rare greenish golden paint job, Powers Up, does not work, Not Tubes, probably repairable,most likely best for parts, may consider parting it out, but buy the whole thing would be cheaper. NO TUBES $100.00

Browning Mark II: RX, AM TX, SSB TX, AM/SSB RX, and transdapter (connect everything together) Powers up, TX on AM works, did not test SSB TX (no mic), low receive. All Tubes, unknown condition. $200

Cosmetically very nice, only real serious flaw is a hole drilled in face of AM TX, I have a spare face with no hole, but not as nice cosmetically.

Browning Mark II: RX only, pretty nice cosmetically, same as other one, not working, powers up. $75

Browning S23 Transmitter: Fair to good condition, currently needs to be put back together ( faceplate is off) needs a few crystals, transmits pretty decently, was going to pair this with above Mark II RX $55

Browning Mark I?: RX TX, RX is rough, good for parts, powers up, low rx, cosmetically OK, speaker grill replaced, TX is good. traded from a member here, was not what I expected for condition, RX is a pig... $65

Tram D201: Bought this from a long time member here, took threats, and phone calls to get it shipped, finally got it, and what was described as a working radio was DOA!:angry: After, a few hours of repairs, and replaced tubes ( all Good and tested on my MISSING B&K) It does work, but has some hum (needs Capacitors) and probably has a few of the common failure under-rated resistors which need replaced. Would make a decent Tram with a little Time/money invested.

Cosmetically it is about a 7, or 8, decent wood, but face shows some age. $125

Kris 23 Tube Base:, same design as the Robyn, and about 10 other old tube bases, This works, has an added switch on the face, and some missing paint/scratches here and there.... But not a bad working radio

Cosmetically a 6 or so. $25

Olson Sidebanders X2: These are interesting radios, Designed to be low key, High Swing from the factory, both of these work, and are exceptional condition for the age, 8+ cosmetically, one set of good tubes between both of them, both work well, but will probably need some caps replaced due to age. $50 no tubes, $70 tubes $100 both

D&A Raider: no tubes, relay has been removed, otherwise all there, was going to convert to 24JG6 tubes which can still be purchased for about 3 bucks each, (needs 4) cosmetically a 6or 7. $40

RARE DC powered Glenn Digital Controller (VFO): This will work on pretty much any crystal radio, including the brownings, it works well, couple segments are out in the LED display, but easy to replace. $100

SBE Console II: Cosmetically decent 7+, works well not butchered, Screams, and definitely lives up to its reputation 23 AM/SSB Base Radio

Pace 1000B 23 Channel AM/SSB: This works and looks almost new, with original box, working clock, mobile bracket (LOL) very classy looking old radio, Upon inspection I saw a few leaky Caps, and they will need to be replaced. $65

Magnum Radio Deltaforce: works, transmit and recieve, however need s am reg replaced 10 watt carrier, no Mod... cosmetically not bad $60

Magnum Radio Deltaforce: Works 100 percent, Cosmetically good, with rare factory Preamped Mic. $125

Galaxy DX-99: new face plate, decent looking, Transmits and receives, excellent on AM previous owner installed RFX-75 which needs to be properly biased for SSB (scratchy) I did not get into the radio, but the rfx-75 may not have been properly installed. I planned to rebias, or remove RFX-75 and put back to original. Blue LEDs installed. $75

Superstar 360: Old School PB10 (same as the good 148GTLDX) This is a great radio, hard to find, especially in this nice of ccondition, about an 8, maybe 9 works 100% $125

Radio Shack 3 way meter: RF/SWR/MOD up to 500 watts, surprisingly accurate, and decent shape $25

Paradynamics 3 way meter: SWR, RF, Mod decent meter, works ok looks ok. $40

PM here if interested.

probably More to come


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008
Forgot Grants...

Both cosmetically Fair, both work, however one needs a new final. $40 each ot both for $65


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008

Deltaforce needing AM Mod....


Working Deltaforce


grant XL


grant XL #2




Tram D60, works excellent, looks near new, missing 1 knob.. $35.00


Cobra 25 Base, not to many around, especially as nice as this one, works... $35.00


Palomar 225 "the good one" needs new transistors $30



Glenn Digital VFO Works nicely on Brownings....


Hallicrafters SX-99 Works but need s a few weak tubes replaced $35


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008

Pace 1000B


D&A Raider


Tram D201


Mark III


Console II


Texas Star VMod Dead Transistors, will include 2 good used 2290's $45








President Washington 858 Chassis with "The Mod" installed, radio is a sweet talker with lots of channels.....




Two Olson Sidebanders


Beater Browning RX powers up, weak recieve all there, but severely cosmetically challenged


Fluke MultiMeter Works $25


Fatboy 2x 2879 box, dead 2879's but wioll include 2 good used pulls (not beaten pulled from a parts TS440 Kenwood. $75 All there needs rebuild..


Spare Face


Working B&K Bench counter, good counter, and accurate.... $35


Mark II Transdapter


Spare RX powers up low RX Have Knobs


Mark II RX Have Knobs


Mark II RX Have Knobs


Mark II SSB TX Powers but no mic/not tested


This came with the beater RX, Does work...


Mark II AM TX Works, I have no idea why some moron drilled the hole, maybe a noise toy, nothing added inside... Have spare face....

This while Mark II is exceptional cosmetically, working it would bring a good chunk of change.... Make someone a nice radio,...


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008
Washington is pending payment
Galaxy is pending Payment

I'll add a Dak SSB Chassis, with a 142GTL, and The Mod no 142 chassis, and about 10% done, basically just the needed parts, this will require some major work, but will end up a sweet ass radio in the end.

$85 + shipping, considering the Mod is about $65 that should be reasonable.

Pics on request....


Poppin Fresh!
Aug 1, 2008
Superstar 360: Old School PB10 (same as the good 148GTLDX) This is a great radio, hard to find, especially in this nice of ccondition, about an 8, maybe 9 works 100% $125

Mods: De-beeped via CH 9 switch, Vari-power knob on back, thats it, clean and not screw-drivered to death like most of these ended up.



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