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Call sign availability


Jeeper Creeper
Jun 25, 2011
SW WA State
Hi all,

If I punch a call sign into the FCC database and it comes up "no match," does that mean it's available?

I'm pretty sure it's valid; it has a W7 prefix (I live in Washington State) and three letters for the suffix. But it seems like if it's a valid call or ever been in use the FCC would have records, or something would come up to tell me it's status, rather than just "no match."

I'm interested in it for a vanity, after I get my assigned call (I take the technician exam tomorrow, as long as I am well enough to make it there).



Aug 13, 2011
You'll find 'lost calls' like you mentioned-displayed on the RadioQTH site (see the tab near the top right). However, there are many available that are not listed on that, or other similar sites.

When I submitted 7 callsigns for 'vanity' the first choice was granted. KW9W had been available for nearly two weeks, and doesn't have the b, g, d, c, v, t sound that can be confusing to those listening on sideband, and seems to work-well for phone, and CW.

The online application process for a vanity call through the ULS system is not difficult, and even though it takes a couple of weeks-there's a couple of good sites that predict 'which' calls on pending applications will be approved. These predictions appear within a few business days of each application arriving at the FCC (online or snail mail).


Oct 8, 2009
South 'Bama
Probably available.

But you will still have to go thru the process of a vanity call sign - after you get your first call sign.

Got my call sign after passing the Tech/General. Don't care for it, so I'm going to apply for a vanity call after (hopefully) passing my Amateur Extra on the 4th. :)

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