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Camping oh yeah getting ready

Jay Mojave

Sr. Member
Nov 17, 2015
Hello All: Thought I would share my last camping trip getting ready effort with you all.

Noticed that the CB Radio had a intermittent receive, had to click the mic to get the receive back on, transmit worked ok. Removed the coax connectors from the amp, and installed a double S0-239 adapter, all fixed. So I pull the amp and replace SO-239 connectors and Relays. Hook er back up same intermittent receive problem!!?? What the heck. testing the relay with my meter showed it as intermittent.

Turned the radio volume up so that I could hear the received noise, wriggling all the coax connectors, ah found another intermittent problem in one of the amp coax connectors. Replaced the PL-259 and same problem. I measured the old PL-259 and it is intermittent, wonderful at least I am going down rabbit holes and going in circles.

Out of discus I replaced my custom fiber glass 1/4 wave length whip antenna that has 8 gauge silver plated wire inside the fiberglass rod, with a 102 inch stainless steel whip antenna. GREAT all fixed no more intermittent receive. All this just hours before having to leave to meet up with the others to half to four wheel drive up a nasty road in the El Paso Mountains for Camping. And no one used their CB radio to talk it was all on FRS, yeah good. The CB and all came close to being removed by force.

Hope you all have a better time camping and enjoy.

Jay in the Great Mojave Desert.... "Next Gas 150 Miles"


Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
When was the last time you and that rig hit the road?
(Explains the same troubles for me).

“Feeling lonely and left-out at the campfire?

Spice things up!
UNIDEN bc906w Wireless Microphone
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A second CB Radio onboard running an amplified portable address system under the hood brings “noise toys” into the 21st Century!

Space Aliens
Crying Baby
Wounded Mountain Lion
Cartel Password Challenge

Remember: the more remote the campsite, the MORE the fun!

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Jay Mojave

Sr. Member
Nov 17, 2015
Hello Slowmover: I used the radio every time I take the truck out for a spin and usually turn up the squelch to hid the noise. So I may have missed the intermittent receive as not hearing any stations local or skip.

The SO-239 connectors were like no tension at all when installing the PL-259 connectors, probably due to years and years of use.

But having fix the CB just hours before heading out is a mental wrench in the gears. So a short small portion totie by the camps fire was required.

Jay in the Great Mojave Desert

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