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The CB Tricks Forum is completely down, and my local DNS server gives me back a 404 (Site not found).

The CB Tricks website has a page marker with "hello" at the top left.

More than this I cannot say. :unsure:
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I too am now seeing a 'Hello' message at the left side of the screen.

It looks like they may have had a server crash. Earlier today CBtricks was displaying the default apache server message saying everything was installed correctly.

Hopefully they're restoring from a backup and will be online soon. I can't really see them shutting down without at least making mention of it somewhere.
A message from Bennie is that he has been doing some work on the board and things didn't go quite as planned. He is working to get it back up as soon as he can and time allows.
As of 10:50 am CDST time, the site is still down with server issues. Galaxy page is up but any contents is still down. Keep your fingers crossed. Bill
Copied from the CBT Yahoo Group.

CBTricks website
Posted by: "bb" bbolin
Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:14 pm (PST)

Over the last few weeks I have been doing server updating file cleanup
and etc. Yesterday I got a late start and one of the build processes
didn't go as planned. It was too late for me to fix so I left the site
down. I am working to get it back up ASAP.

I should have waited to the weekend when I am off work to do this, but
was trying to get everything done.

I still have some server software that needs to be updated and will wait
till Christmas so I will be ready and have more time for Murphy's law.

Another unrelated problem we had to deal over the last two weeks is with
the dumb asses at SORBS. They listed over 7000 IP's owned by my server
company for being a dynamically allocated IP address or NAT host. In fact
the IP's where not dynamic. I have 4 static IP's with the server and have
been with me the last 3 years.

The plus side is I don't know of any "respectable" system admin that
still use them for their blacklist.
My home ISP did till I informed them last week with a little history of
SORBS and now they no longer use them.

If you don't know anything about SORBS search SORBS or even better SORBS
Sucks and you will find what a bunch of clowns these people are. We are
finely off their damn list.

Sorry about the screw up and I take all the blame.
well i sure hope i am wrong.

This is the second day in a row that i could not log on to the web page.

I'm not talking about the forum, i'm talking about the actual site.

I am hoping that others here can still log on, and it's just an issue with my internet service.

Please check and post back here.

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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Antenna length on my mobile. So I’ve had 3 different radios in my truck. 2006 f250 super duty. 29ltd NW, 29 ltd clasic, and now a galaxy DX44HP. My steel whip is somewhere around 89”. Which I know is way to short. But show 1.2 SWR on all 3 radios. And I have a a bench SWR meter that shows the same results. Which I find odd and disturbing. Note the frequency is 27.205. The longer I make the whip the higher the SWR. At 102” it’s up around 2.5. Which totally blows any of my experience i have with mobile radio antennas. I have the antenna mounted to a post just higher than the cab. I’ve swapped the jump through several to different ones. Even tried lug and so239. Connections at the antenna. Seems to transmit well and receives well. Any ideas how this could be possible?
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Turns out I was missing the ground to the cab. Problem solved. Now have 102” exact and 1.2 SWR 26.005 megahertz through 28.005 megahertz. Pictures posted on my profile.
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