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Cobra 142GL 38 bucks

Seen at a pawn shop, I just wonder if I should roll the dice on it.
Yes; the 2 meters & a few other parts (used & working) are almost worth that money alone!
If you find the radio has been modified in a poor way, it would be worth it to repair.
These radios will talk with the best of them, the ears are okay (better w/ a channel guard mod) and it wont drift like an older Galaxy radio on SSB!(y)

73 From the SunShine State
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I had to re-cap most of mine to get it to work. and undo the clipped mod limiter. I also replaced the dead lights with LEDs.
fine radio. well worth fixing up.
my only problem is the angled front. big time dust collector.
I have 2 of these radios my buddy with the shop did not want to repair them so he just gave them to me with parts missing he had pulled. I recapped both of them and replaced removed parts and both are setting on my shelf for when ever I want to run one of them.
for me I can never have too many radiuos. right now I have over 30 that are all in good shape. see one cheap enough or free and I will grab them up.
just bought a cobra 29LTD Chrome with echo and a RXF85HD on the back of it for 68.60 shipped to the house and it came today and works just fine. it only puts out a little over 60 watts but it has the 85 high drive on it which is for a dual final radio so it should last forever on the 29 since it will not get over driven.
so if you see some thing cheap you better get it right then because it will be gone when you go back.

just for anyone that does not know there is 2 versions of the RXF85 amps. one is a low drive with a 520 driving a larger mosfet and the high drive that only has a large mosfet in it, forget just what one is in them but it is some thing like a 7530 or which ever. forget what one is in them.
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good deal if cosmetically good.
gotta change all the yec(yech!) caps.
the old rigs are making a comeback to the point they are worth rehabbing.
i have 2 cobra 2000 in line for a makeover.
best part is they are unmolested stock units.
no peckertracks to clean up or nasty mods/hacks.
got an older 148 in a load of stuff and thought mod it for 10m.
after seeing what the old school guys will pay for a nice one i forgot about doing that.
btw i spot checked caps in the 148 and while it "works" as found not 1 cap passed an esr test!
1000mfd@25v reading 1.7 ohms esr?
That is how is goes man!! Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger and get things, as there are many others that think like LeapFrog!! They get how much that parting one out even, go for. There will be others if you keep your eye out!!! Now is a good time to buy stuff. Check your local Craigslist as well. Seeing a lot of stuff for sale at the moment around me!!
And remember, there will be a next time one day! Matter of when, I suppose!! Good day.
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