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Cobra 25LX; Odd Problem

Sarasota Slim

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Nov 18, 2016
Earth, normally
So, I have a Cobra 25LX, that I keep as a backup on my truck. The company split my wife and I into separate trucks, so we could get an abandoned unit back home.

I put that 25 in the other truck, and found that the speaker wasn't working. Temporarily, I ran the the audio through the truck stereo through the ext. speaker jack and the aux jack on the truck. That works.

Stopped a few miles up the road, bought an external speaker. That didn't work. Took speaker back, traded it for another. That also doesn't work.

So. Any idea what's causing this issue?

Sure you are plugged into the ext speaker jack and not PA jack?? Also check the circuit board at where the 3.5mm jack inserts. May be a broken trace or something like that. And also disconnect the internal speaker completely just in case it's blown and causing a short. Just some possibilities. Hope you get it fixed!!
@222DBFL : Definitely plugged into the correct jack, lol. I quadruple checked that, then stared at it. I'll have to crack it open and check the rest of it later. Thank you.

@sonoma : That's what's weird about the whole thing. One would think that, if I can run it through the auxiliary port on the truck stereo, a standard external speaker SHOULD work, I mean it's the same damn jack off the back of the CB. It's strange.
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Well, my wife and I got where we were going, and I took the Cobra from the truck that she was driving, back to our truck. I hooked the radio up, where it was hooked up and working fine, just a few months ago. Also, I knew that the external speaker in this truck is functional; I use it daily, with my 980, and was using with the Cobra, prior to getting the Uniden.

No sound; problem still existed. So, I got to opening the radio. Nothing looked out of order (although, is wax a typical feature on Cobra circuit boards?). Then, a couple things that I had read popped into mind, and I got this nagging feeling....

Now, the mic that I always use, is an Astatic 636L. I used it with my Stryker, the problem Cobra, and currently on my Uniden. All 3 radios, it works great.

Just to satisfy my mind, I plugged the radio all back in, and this time, I hooked up the Astatic mic. And, I'll be damned, the problem was gone. Got my sound back in both the internal and external speaker.

The only other mic that I'd had floating around my truck, was the stock mic from my Stryker.

Why the Cobra doesn't like the Stryker mic, I do not know. It transmitted with the Stryker. It received. I could sit in my truck, key my mic, and see the lights light up on the Cobra in the other truck. And, as I said, I could plug the radio into the stereo on the truck, and all signals received would play fantasticly in surround sound.

But, anyway, that was the problem. If you try to use a Stryker mic, with a Cobra 25 LX, the radio will only "talk" to you through the stereo. Good to know, now that I don't need it, lol. Oh well, next time I'll know; I even left myself a note in the box.
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