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Does anyone still use 1200 Bd Packet on VHF?

Discussion in 'General Ham Radio Discussion' started by Dave_W6DPS, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Dave_W6DPS

    Dave_W6DPS Fount of Occasionally Useful Knowledge

    Feb 15, 2007
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    I ran across my old packet TNC (Kantronics KPC-3) and the ancient Icom HT I used with it. I briefly set it up, but couldn't find any activity.

    About 10 years ago there were a number of nodes and several BBSs in my area. I listened over night on 145.03 and 145.07, where things used to be. My rig didn't register any traffic on an MHeard.

    So, am I just on the wrong frequency, or should i just pack this stuff back up and put it in the cabinet with my tube-type HF rigs and other radio curiosities?



  2. Hamin' X

    Hamin' X Active Member

    Mar 11, 2006
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    It's been about 10 years since I have worked packet, also. I do know that there is still some activity in my area, but it is mainly used by the ARES group. I have 2m and 222 MHz packet installations in one of my repeater buildings with antennas on the tower. The APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) group, also has a packet station in my building. It is on 144.390 MHz. I believe that this is a nationwide frequency for APRS. I still have my old Kantronics KAM, but use it for AMTOR.

  3. K7IN

    K7IN Member

    May 25, 2008
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    VHF Packet Ain't Dead

    Well, guys, I'm here to inform you that VHF packet is alive and well throughout much of central and northern California as well as western Nevada. There is considerable activity on 145.050 with numerous nodes and some BBS's in the central valley, Sierra Nevada mountains and in the bay area. The main node (RNO) in our area has excellent coverage and digi's easily into Sacramento Valley. If you hook up to a node in your area, send a MHeard and look at the list that comes back - I think you will be surprised. I used to hope three digi nodes into Alturas to exchange packet with a friend who lived there but, he moved to Arkansas last year....

    One of the newer reasons for revival of packet is interfacing several stations through a packet network to a BBS that uses WinLink 2000 to move message traffic across the country. Our county ARES groups has four BBS's in the area that have that capability with a system that primarily uses the internet but, has redundant capability of falling back on HF if the internet is not available. We also run peer-to-peer locally as needed. (y)

    Paul - K7IN
    Cold Springs, NV.

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