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DX contact with USXDriver


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Apr 18, 2005
was a first for me talking to another forum memeber in skipland was just n accident but great 20 minute conversation kinda funny all these members and after 3 years I made my first contact to one conditiond were pretty solid he was mobile driving the big truck in kansas I believe just a solid conversation no rolling in and out like the skip has been doing. Thanks for the great QSO USXDriver :)


Active Member
Apr 13, 2005
Very cool Tony, it was alot easier 6-8 years ago for sure when we were into the skip cycle. When it does happen now though it's better conversation because you don't have 40 other talkers trying to get in as well.


Jan 2, 2006
Thats right I was on highway 412 headed east toward Tulsa in the diesel car. Never really messed with sideband on my Justin tuned Galaxy 99v with a texas star 350hd. I was really surprised to see the galaxy doing so good on sideband, I mean everyone knows these things can have issues on ssb.
Just to let you know Tony you were the only one in my recieve at that time. A good solid 9+db.
Take care and nice talking at ya!!!!!!!!!!!
John (909)

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