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DX2950DX ept695015BR schematic

Jun 28, 2021
Could it be you're using the chassis for the negative side of the meter probes? Better to use the circuit ground than the chassis on the original versions.

Yea that is entirely possible. I can check again tonight, before I move the radio off the work bench. As an addition I just checked and now I am seeing 13.8 VDC. That was my bad!

What do you want a picture of?
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Rick Hicks

Nov 5, 2018
Hope this helps RidgeRunner

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Ive seen that 24VDC drop between chassis and circuit ground be created by two of the orange wires connecting that regulator board being crossed.

ie: RCI DX2995 power supply regulator circuit board connectors.

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Handy Andy

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Apr 23, 2018
Hmmm... To have to replace the 2003 with a new one - they don't always fail putting out 24V on a 12V input rail - so this tells me you have to keep an eye on the heat production of that 2003 chip.

IT's ok to get warm, but if is scalding hot at the screw tab, then the issue is still there, and you can lose the next one very soon.

There are some "replacements" power supplies known to produce a "hash noise" caused by the switching event taking place inside to develop and regulate the current - those square waves they produce can be filtered as far as low-end but show up as Power-Sucking-Parasites in 10kHz audio and above (Ring effect) you don't hear thru the speaker due to the bandpass attenuation of natural filter that speaker coil/cone combo is.

As said earlier - the chip will get hot - and might indicate the power supply filtering for its hash noise is not getting fully knocked down. You don't hear the ring because the speaker simply can't pass its frequency - it's back at the chip and filtered out by its own network - but you'll hear fuzzy effects caused by the ringing - affecting how the sounds are reproduced in the speaker. (Not as sharp as say a regular CB radio might reproduce)

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