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eagle 515


Feb 18, 2012
hi loosecannon i have and kenrich eagle 500 it does 300 to 500 on lo 100 to 200 do i need new tubes rig now there r 20lf6 in the amp ii can get 27lf6 r the 27lf6 r better i was reading online if i used the 20lf6 they will overheat may be if put a 33ohm at 50 watts resistor in but if i put in the 27lf6 in i don't have to do that.......please help or you can email me @ dirollo47@aol.com thank you .......tj305 73's


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Nov 3, 2009
West Central Michigan
depends on radio - dirty in = amplified dirty out

Not quite 100% accurate. Without a filter section which cheaply made CB radio amps never have, the amp will create and pass more than the fundamental frequency. I.e., a dirty signal. doesn't matter if the input frequency is "clean".


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Kenrich Eagle 500

I bought one yesterday. Insides very clean and good glass. Fan is noisy but bearable. Before I use it I want to know the best way to tune it. All my previous linears didn't have a "drive" knob. So I'd like if someone could just walk me through the proper procedure for the Eagle 500. In reading this thread I saw someone mention a pre driver tube but I don't see an empty socket in the linear to accept another tube. I guess the person was talking about a mod. I'd like to know about that mod too. This linear has one problem, I was told I have to switch manually from operate to standby in order to hear any receive coming through my radio. The linear will unkey so I'm thinking it's something other than the relay. So it possibly may be a relay or just the keying transistor, otherwise according to the previous owner it works just fine and he's a close friend so I'm inclined to believe him.

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Nov 26, 2009
I had one back in 1995 and it was a good one. I sold it and doubled my money from what i paid for it, LOL.

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