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Galaxy Saturn Turbo for sale


Active Member
Jul 19, 2009
Up for sale is my galaxy saturn turbo base radio, i am the 2nd owner of this nice rig, this radio is MINT!! in like brand new condition with no marks,scuffs or any flaws of any kind this radio will be comming from a non-smoking home and comes with a lolly pop desk mic and a 4 to 6 pin mic adaptor, i am asking $350.00 plus $35.00 for ups shipping any questions feel free to ask i can only accpet a us postal money order i no longer use paypal to many issue's with them for me.

thanks you,


Aug 21, 2010
Radioman24. Dan I will purchase your Galaxy Saturn Turbo !
Joins this sit today. Not sure how to contact you but will Buy !
Thanks. WB-183. Ron

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