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Ham 4 Rotor + Controller & More


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Jun 13, 2016
Whats going on guys.. This was the project I had in mind and decided that I am not going to mount my maco 103c beam, I am selling it along with some other stuff.. All the stuff was recently purchased and I will supply pics.. Pics of rotor will show the controller and working as it should, N,S,E,W.. Along with the rotor & controller, I have 75' High Quality 8 Conductor Rotor Wire - Antenna Rotator Cable - Eight Wire, brand new, and CDR CDE HYGAIN Antenna Ham CB Rotor Mast Bracket, original OEM.. I have quite a few more photos of rotor turning and additional Mast bracket photos.. I do not want to flood this post with all the pictures. If anyone is interested, shoot me a message and I will give you all the detailed pictures of everything.. Looking for $450 for everything, and that included shipping in USA. Payment - Paypal, must have confirmed address I only ship to confirmed address and a signature will be required upon delivery..
mast1.jpg wire.jpg 75.feet.8.wires.JPG

HAM 4 ROTOR AND NICE HAM 4 CONTROLLER , 8 wire antenna rotor with the control,the rotor has been cleaned inside and out and has some new hardware and new bearings , has a true wedge brake ,painted with a high grade of paint . both the rotor and the controller tested and calibrated works as should and stopped in the north position, good up to a 15 square ft. wind load when mounted in a tower on a plate or can be mounted on a mast bracket not included .runs and tracks smooth 360 deg as shown in the photos on the controller in the S,W,N,E,S DIRECTIONS, the control comes from a non smoking environment has a few scratches as shown in photos ,blemishes etc on cabinet covers .all switches and light functions as should ,a 8 lug terminal board wiring connections on the rotor are new .no manual, comes as one rotor and controller and tested just recently, will come with a short piece of rotor cable attached for your testing when arrives ,sold as is no returns,payment by pay pal at auction end shipped UPS ground with tracking..

HAM- Rotator Specifications:

Wind Load Capacity (inside tower)

15 square feet

Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter)

7.5 square feet

Turning Power

800 pounds

Brake Power
5000 pounds

Brake Construction

Electric Wedge

Bearing Assembly

Dual race/98 ball bearings

Mounting Hardware

Clamp Plates/Steel U-Bolts

Control Cable Conductors


Shipping Weight

24 pounds

Effective Movement (in tower)

2800 ft/lbs.

CLEAN USED MSLD OEM cde / HYGAIN antenna rotor mast bracket with NEW hardware, this bracket mounts directly to the bottom of the rotor allowing you to mount your rotor to a mast pole instead of a rotor plate, the bracket works with all cde/cdr 22,30,40 ,bt-1 and the old tr-2, also cde/hygain 44,45, cde/hygain ham M ,2,3,4 rotors with the brake,comes with hardware that's the clamp plate that is aluminum and zinc steel ublots with nuts an lock washers and 4 x1/4 bolts to bolt it to the bottom of your rotor, you will get one bracket from the group photo they have been cleaned and painted and the new hardware,comes as shown in photos..

ham.4.rotor.JPG ham.4.rotor.JPG ham4.rotor2.jpg


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