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How to mount Rohn tower to side of trailer?

Red Ranger

Active Member
Aug 16, 2008
I would like to side mount a 20G Rohn tower to the side of my trailer. I was planning on using treated lumber and lag bolt it to the trailer and using wall mounts designed for mast pipe and just bolt two legs of the Rohn tower to the mast pipe mounts.

I'm planning on free standing or guying 30 ft of tower with a Imax 2000 at the top.

I could use some angle Iron and make a mount that way, any Ideals?


Supporting Member, W9WDX ARC Member - WD8T
Nov 3, 2009
West Central Michigan
Rohn makes a stanfoff to mount 25G to the side of a structure. Not sure if it's stand alone support or not. I'm sure if you're going up over 20' you'll need additional support in the way of guy wires, unless you want the side of your trailer ripped out.
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Apr 8, 2005
It's certainly 'do-able', but there will be mechanical aspects that will have to be taken into account. A lot of it will depend on exactly what the trailer is, and how it's constructed. It depends on if you plan to 'stack' those tower sections or 'swing' the thing up/down. I think I'd definitely start thinking 'heavy duty' with either method, and 'heavier' with the 'swing' or 'tilt over' type thingy. With a 30 foot tower, I would second that guying thingy! I've seen several examples of this sort of thing on the internet. I'd suggest googling around and getting some ideas.
Good luck!
- 'doc

Red Ranger

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Aug 16, 2008
I'm settling with a 30 ft push up pole, easier to manage, and just use a mast standoff attached to trailer and the top guys.


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Feb 16, 2007
n.w pennsylvania
idk , could he have used a hindge plate cemented in ground then bolted
to the roof for lil extra surport.most of the support would be at the hindge plate


Kapt. Irk
Mar 2, 2013
So Cal
Is it a 'trailer' or a 'mobile home'?

If its a 'trailer' that you'll be moving around, build a base plate for the tower that will fit under one of the tires. Set the plate in place and park one of the trailer tires on it - then bolt the tower to the plate. Ground it and guy it as needed.

You could probably do the same for a mobile home ... just place the base plate under one of the supports the mobile home sits on.


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