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HR-2510 bad ssb output audio


Jul 28, 2021
Hi! long time no see lol..
got a nice 2510 pretty cheap..monitoring on another radio,AM tx sounds perfect...but SSB is like clipping real bad and my dmm at current mode is showing crazy draws at SSB with a 1khz signal..
MRF 477 is going, right?


Analog Retentive
Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
Probably not. Sounds more as if the SSB limiter, or ALC has been turned up too high.

A 1 kHz tone into a SSB transmitter produces a carrier coming out of the transmitter. And if this produces a 35 Watt carrier from the radio, the current drain will look crazy high.

Until something overheats and fails.

Might have another cause, but that's what this sounds like. The radio fell into the hands of a wattmeter-obsessed tweaknician. Most especially, one who didn't listen to the SSB transmit after tweaking it.

It will last longer and sound better turned down to about 25 Watts PEP on sideband.

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