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Hustler Mobile HF for 11 meters.


Sr. Member
Jan 1, 2020
I've used quite a few of the Hustler antennas. I've had most of the available configurations, as well as a few custom antennas using Hustler components. For example, I put a trunk lip mount on a car we had, put a 15M resonator directly on the mount (no mast) and a 48 inch (IIRC; might have been longer) whip out of the resonator. Then added a shunt capacitor at the base to tune it.
The end result was an antenna that looked like a 5/8 wave 2 Meter antenna, but worked great on 20 Meters!
That's right; 20M with a 15M resonator. I remember testing it on the highway at 50 watts and talking with a ham in California from Alabama.
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chris schaefer

New Member
Feb 9, 2021
Has anybody here used the Hustler Mobile HF antenna system on 11 meters? I am getting a new truck, and the antenna mounting position is less than ideal. The antenna mounts lower on the truck so that any kind of coil would not be above the roof of the truck.

However the Hustler Mobile HF starts out with a 54 inch mast, and then the resonator. So it would be above the roof line.

Does anybody have any experience with these antennas? I have read some good reviews on them for the ham bands, but I have never read anything about them being used on 11 meters.

This isn't the truck I am getting, just a pic I dug up off the interwebs to show the antenna placement. The mirrors on these trucks have a rather large metal frame behind that fiberglass shell.
i am having the same prob. with 2017 cascadia. i have tryed 10 different ant. the only one that comes close is a procom double coil, and its tilted about 30 degress forward. about 1.6 swr on 1-40 but only have bands{ c,d,ande to chan.10} running a anytone 6666. in the prosess of mounting in the back on upper handle.
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Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
11-Meter AM:

PC A50 02

Fits 2017+ New Model Cascadia

(7’) Skipshooter Antenna

Run coax inside door wiring from cab. Turn out past removable panels and around to mount from front.

I ran this cophase about three years ago.
If I could hear them, they could hear me.

Run power from dedicated (+) at fuse box. Neg, same. Enter box from underneath.
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secret squirrel

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Oct 5, 2008
Washington, PA
Been running the Hustler HQ 27 for years as my main antenna for the vehicle. It is the one with the small center loading coil, 55 inches tall. Its a lot lighter than the 102 inch whip, less stress on the mount- using a Firestik Adjustable Door Jam Mount. It is mounted at the drivers rear of the vehicle, easy to tune and pretty forgiving of the less than ideal mounting location.
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