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icom 7300 /md200 ? advice please

Nov 2, 2013
I am thinking about adding the "extra element " in the MD200 yaesu mic ..the radio is the 7300 icom ..ordered some electret condensers , Panasonic 61a and another quality one ..
looking for anyone who runs such a mic with electret mod done to md 200 ...do I need to be wary of the power from mic socket on icom ?

also goin to do the heil proset plus ..hc5/hc4 ..would like to change one and save one for the ft 95o , which element would /should I replace with electret and save for yaesu

regards billy


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Mustang 131

Sr. Member
Feb 28, 2008
I've used Heil on many different radios. Choose the correct element correctly, and it will sound pretty good.
Nov 2, 2013
thanks for replys ..I am looking for personal experiences with the change out of the "electret" element in the "MD200" YAESU MIC ..ive been through eham ..which is primarily my go to source of info ..when you cant find the info you want/need then here is the place to come ..type can be taken out of context ..as always thanks for input gentlemen ..

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